Exploring The Most Unique UK Travel Locations

Known for its poor weather, many people think that traveling in the UK can be mundane, but that is far from the truth. Traveling to the UK can be an interesting endeavor, as there are so many hidden travel gems that you can find when exploring old towns and roads throughout the country.

From historical castles to mystic lakes and caves, there are so many places that you can visit in the UK that will offer you a unique experience. Tourists will usually look to visit the main cities of the UK like London, Manchester and Edinburgh, but there is so much more to the country that is often overlooked and underexplored.

This guide will take a look at the most unique UK travel locations that you should add to your bucket list. We will also give you tips on the best times to visit these places.

St. Michaels Mount

Located in Cornwall, the St. Michaels Mount is one of the most unique walking experiences you’ll find. The historic castle sits on top of an ancient tidal island and visitors can go across the causeway to the mount when the tide is out. When the tide is in, it makes for beautiful scenery.

The best time to visit the mount is during the walking times. April to September are the driest months, giving the best opportunity to walk across the causeway.

Gaping Gill Cave

Perhaps the most breathtaking feature of the Yorkshire Dales is the Gaping Gill Cave. The cave is only accessible via a winch during particular times of the year, so not many people make the trip. It’s a worthwhile experience for those true adventurers who are looking for something unique to do.

May or August will have local clubs organize events during these months to give the public the chance to see the cave firsthand.

Loch Awe

The third largest freshwater loch in Scotland is one of the most beautiful you will see, as it offers unique views from all angles. There are various castle ruins around the loch, such as Kilchurn Castle, giving it a true fantasy feel.

The best time to visit Loch Awe is from May to September as it offers the best chance for good weather and radiant sunshine.

Circus Tavern

Advertised as the smallest pub in Europe, this Manchester Town Center-based tavern is a must-visit if you are traveling to one of the biggest cities. It can be a tight squeeze as there are only two rooms with seating for a few people, so you must time your visit wisely.

This tavern can be visited all year round, with 2pm and 9pm during the midweek being the quietest times. As an extra tip, when traveling to the big cities you should always be cautious of trading scams.

Wistman’s Woods

For those who love to explore fairytale forests and whimsical woodlands, Wistman’s Woods is the perfect place to be. Based in Devon, it offers one of the most unique plans for a hiking trip in the UK.

The best time to visit these woods is during the summer months, as it offers the best weather and makes the forest look even more beautiful.

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