Here’s How To Do Yoga For Couples

Simply put, Yoga means ‘union.’ It unites mind, body, and spirit to create a cohesive and harmonious life. It can work well with relationships too!

Like Tantra, yoga can help deepen the love and respect between partners/couples. Harmony in postures, breathing and moving together is the secret to yoga for couples. It is a lot like AcroYoga, because one person becomes the base, while the other is the flier. Once all the poses have been achieved, it’s time to change places and let the other one fly!

Couple yoga

There are many benefits to practicing yoga with a partner; you will experience better communication and more trust with your partner. In fact, partner yoga can also help enhance the advantages of migraine meditation as well. After all, real human touch-based connections seem to be more crucial than anything else, for making people feel good about themselves.

Partner Yoga isn’t radically different from your usual everyday yoga practices. In fact, it’s a form of Hatha Yoga wherein partners support each other in achieving the various poses in a yoga sequence. Each pose is a unique opportunity to trust a partner and give them the space to believe you. It encourages couples to relate to each other and come together better than ever before.

Working with a partner can also help you become comfortable in your skin, as you challenge your limitations and understand the scope of all you can do. Flowing vinyasa yoga is especially effective at strengthening the bond between couples with power poses.

Starting Partner’s Yoga The Right Way

Whether you two are just starting out on your yoga journey, or are planning on taking it up together as experienced yoga practitioners for the first time, here are a few pointers that will help you on the journey:

  1. Relax, couple’s yoga isn’t for couples only!

You’ll find partners, sisters, best friends and even mother-daughter duos in the studio with you. Some partner yoga classes will also let you sign up as a solo participant and assign a partner later on during the lessons. Once you get used to it, you’ll realize that adopting a posture to two different weight, height and body types is the ultimate exercise; you will love the rewarding challenge that it presents.

  1. Know that there won’t be any miracles

If you are going to start yoga for couples, with an existing partner or friend, talk about it with them. Don’t let each other’s expectations blow out of proportion and be clear about what each of you wants from this experience.

Also, understand that yoga may not be able to remedy the relationship challenges you are currently having. It will bring you two close, but solving your problems is still your responsibility. Just go into couple’s yoga with an open mind and an open heart. Have a willingness to learn and share experiences with each other, and there is no denying the fact that yoga will help you connect intrinsically.

  1. Be ready to be giving

Remember, yoga for couples is not a competition for couples. Be supportive of your partner, response to their rhythm and share your space generously. Treat them as you’d like to be treated by them. Couple’s yoga can lead to life-long friendships and loving relationships.

  1. Be in the moment

Focus. Be present for your partner, pay attention to their movements and revel in their presence. And yes, falls will happen, and so will farts, so don’t take things too seriously. Take a deep breath and let go. Laugh together, move together and enjoy the divine comedy that is yoga for couples!

Our Favorite Partners Yoga Poses to Try

Are you ready to try some yoga for couples?

Before you start, make sure you and your partner are relaxed and sitting across from each other in the Easy Pose, i.e., Sukhasana. Place one hand on their heart and the other on yours. Encourage them to do the same. Feel each other’s hearts beat. Then switch sides.

Now you are ready to start practicing yoga for couples.

  1. DoubleTree

A perfect companionship is where you two can count on each other completely. The DoubleTree pose will have you doing just that. You will lean on each other while strengthening your legs and hips.

Begin by standing side-by-side facing the same direction. Then both partners should put their inside arms around each other’s waists. Then, bring up y our outside foot to rest on your calf or thigh, just like a regular tree post.

Once both of you have achieved the tree pose side by side, bring your outside arms across to the front of the body and press your palms against each other’s. Hold this pose for ten breaths. Switch to the other side.

  1. Partner Seated Twist

Relationships are so much better when both partners are looking towards a future together, built with each other. And the little twists and turns on the way to this great tomorrow, don’t matter.

Sit back to back on the mat. Now, put your right hand on your partner’s left thigh behind you, while your left-hand goes over the right knee. Your partner should be doing the same.

Now breathe.

Every time you inhale, elongate your spine. Lengthen it as far as it goes. Then as you exhale go deeper into the posture and use your partner’s body to leverage yourself. Hold onto a pose for five breaths. Then it’s time to switch sides.

The Last Word

We do our best to stay in a relationship and do justice by it, but sometimes life and its unavoidable circumstances can put a strain on it. That’s why it’s important to strengthen that connection using Yoga. Practice mindfulness and exercise together, have fun and connect, and soon you’ll experience a bond more profound than ever before.

There are plenty of basic to advanced postures that couples can try out together. Sit together and discuss the ones you’d both like to try out together, communication and respect for each other. We promise you’ll be partner yoga pros in no time!

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