Weird and Wonderful Trends for Winter

Every year there always an expectation for fashion to change around winter, but layers, big coats and boots are always around and have slightly changed. If you’re looking for something a little different to try this winter, here are four weird but wonderful trends to try this winter.


Underwear or Outerwear?

You’re probably thinking about someone being very cold wearing underwear outside, right? Luckily this trend isn’t that, and it’s more about using womens designer underwear as a base layer for your open outfit. Something that isn’t too revealing and can be worn in an oversized check shirt to give your final look another layer, it works well if you want a sports luxe style to add to your wardrobe.


Floral Ankle Boots

A style that has been showcased for the past few years but never really taken off. However, this year is the perfect time with other trends coming into the limelight. The floral boots can be bought in plenty of different colours for all different outfits, and currently, the patterned boots work well with long skirts and mom jeans.



This season you can do no wrong while wearing camo. The iconic print has been seen on a lot of designer street labels, and it also made its way onto the high street. With jeans, crop jackets and denim skirts all using the print it’s pretty hard to avoid the option this winter. The pattern does work as an ideal staple piece for most outfits, a plain top match with heels or trains can make for completely different outfits for different occasions.



An excuse to dress up as a cowboy (kind of). Dresses and blouses that have been inspired by the wild west with unique prints, high ruffled necklines and cowboy boots to help the look stand out really. It’s a trend that luxury designers have been inspired by and it has slowly been making its way onto the high street for those not wanting to spend a lot on the unique style.


They might not all be to your usual taste, but if you are looking for an entirely new style to try there isn’t the most expensive risk, you’ll ever take.

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