3 Reasons To Choose A Career Helping Other People

3 Reasons To Choose A Career Helping Other People

Choosing your career path is a significant decision that everyone needs to make. We all have endless choices available to us. Some careers require a lot of training, and some will lead to huge financial rewards. On the other hand, some careers need only experience and some come with non-monetary rewards. Weighing up the pros and cons and what really matters to you is an essential part of growing up, and it takes some people a lot longer to realise what is important to them. It’s not unusual for people to change tracks at any point in their career. If you’re thinking about switching careers, here are a few reasons you should choose a career helping other people.

You’ll be Happier!

Helping other people gives you a much higher level of job satisfaction than other careers. Money can only motivate you so much. If you feel like a small cog in a big machine, you’re not going to be satisfied with your work. If you are directly helping people, you’ll be able to see the impact you’re having every single day. This will make you much happier in the long term.

You’ll Live Longer!

Happiness at work has been linked to people living longer. This is because you will have less stress in your life, which can dramatically shorten your life. If you have a high level of job satisfaction you will be much happier in your life. Your work takes up so much of your life, so if you aren’t happy at work this will have a huge impact on your overall mood.

It helps on the darker days!

All jobs have their downsides, and a career helping other people is no different. Ask any paramedic, therapist or foster carer (where you get a fostering allowance) and they’ll tell you that their job is very difficult. However, the difference is that if you have a career helping others, this will help you through the darker days. If you’ve had a bad day at work, you can always remind yourself of all the good work that you do.

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