Can Apps Help You Better Manage Your Finances?

We now live in a world where we constantly use technology for everything we do. We now learn recipes from websites instead of cookbooks. We will also use digital calculators instead of owning a calculator. Even with a shopping list, we will put it in our notes instead of writing it on a piece of paper. 

Managing finances is something else that technology has changed. There are many apps which are used to manage finances and even let you create savings pots. Plus, some will allow you to invest in the stock market. Let’s take a look at how apps can help you take control of your finances. 

Benefits of Using Finance Apps 

There is no surprise why finance apps have become so popular as it is an excellent way to manage your finances at the click of a button. Let’s take a look at why you should have a finance app to help you manage your finances. 

Easy To Access All Your Information

One of the main benefits of a finance app is that you can manage your finances all in one place. Here, you can connect your savings and current accounts into the same account. It saves you from checking all your different bank account apps and finding everything in one place. All you require is an internet connection which is usually easy to get hold of in the modern age. 

Check Deposits

Another benefit to a finance app is that some of it will allow you to physically check back into your account. All that is required is that you take a picture of the front and back of your bank check and then submit it. That means you no longer need to go into a bank. 

Saves You Time

A finance app saves you time by not travelling to a bank to create a new bank account. For example, if you want to create a savings account then you could do it with just a few clicks of a button. 

Keep Things Organised

There are many things you can do to keep organised such as creating a spreadsheet or writing down all of your bills, however, that is a lot of time and effort. Financial apps can do all of this for you, keeping your personal finances all in one place and helping you become more organised. Plus, these apps will show you your real-time bank balance. It makes everything far easier and again, more efficient. 

Can Also Help Manage Business Finances

It isn’t just personal finances that money management apps are great for. They are also fantastic for controlling business finances as well. We all know that business budgets can be difficult to manage and overwhelming but finance apps reduce the stress of monitoring these budgets. Additionally, some apps will offer to create a financial report of all costs and expenditures. 

Automation and Security Notifications

Most financial apps offer security measures to ensure no unauthorised transactions are made without your approval. If a bank transfer is attempted, your finance app will alert you to let you know of suspicious activity. Additionally, you can create alerts for dates your bills are due and when a tax deadline is. 

See Goal Progress

As mentioned before, a positive to using these apps is that you can create numerous savings pots. These potts can be for different things such as saving for a house deposit, saving for a holiday or even just treating yourself to a shopping centre. The more pots you create, the better and, you can see how close you are to your goals. Putting your memory in different pots is a great way to manage your money and save for things. 

Provides Financial Help

Some money management apps will also provide you with more information about dealing with debt. They can provide financial advice and help on anything you require information on. They may even be able to point you to a financial debt advisor if this is something you were in search of, who can provide advice on guidance on avenues you can take, such as DRO or an IVA.


There are numerous benefits to finance apps and if you don’t use one in 2024, you are doing it wrong. It is time to start managing your money better and avoid getting into debt. The best way to do that is by finding the right finance app to help take control of your finances.

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