8 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

8 Ways to Make Money While Travelling

Can’t afford to go travelling? Or looking to extend your trip beyond your savings? Don’t forget that there are ways to make money as well as spend money while travelling.

Here are eight ways you can earn the money you need to make your travel dreams into a reality:


If you have a flair with words, or even just photography, you could be making some money as a travel blogger or Instagrammer. Set up a blog or social media account before you leave home. Then document your travels. If your following gets big enough you can charge for advertising space on your blog site. You may even be able to court brands who will pay you to act as an influencer.

Teach English

If you’re an English speaker, you may be able to find work as an EFL teacher. Many countries are eager to find English teachers who have a native understanding of the language. Some require an EFL qualification (which can be gained on day or month long courses depending on the requirements of each country) and some don’t require any kind of qualification at all. You can then seek work in an academy or offer your services as an online tutor.


Even if you’ve never traded stocks or currency before, you can easily learn to trade and get started. Because you can buy and sell assets anywhere you have an internet connection, it’s an easy way to build up funds whilst you’re on the move. Just try your hand at a few trading simulators first and make sure you’ve learnt the basics before committing any real cash.

Work in a hostel or bar

If you’re planning on staying put in the same place for a while, check out local backpacker hostels and bars. You might need to know a few language basics of the country you find yourself in. But these places regularly hire staff from all around the world. A regular turnover of staff as travellers move onto the next country means there are often vacancies and contracts are short enough for those with itchy feet.

Become an Au Pair

Au pairing is another way to make some money if you’re planning to stay in the same place for a longer period of time. For your board, food and some spending money, you’ll live with a family, look after their children and do some housework too. Families will want to see that you have some experience with children and it may be worth going through the checks of a dedicated au pair agency to improve your chances of a placement.

Sell Your Photos

Your holiday snaps could make you some cash. If you’re handy with a camera, upload your photos to a stock image website like Shutterstock. People will then pay to use your images in their own publications.


Sign up to a freelancer website and find short term projects you can complete while you travel. If you’re a writer, a web developer or a graphic designer, there’s plenty you can do wherever you are in the world. But it may also be possible to find work in data entry or as a remote PA.

Work as a Tour Guide

Show off your newfound favourite destination as a tour guide. Some countries offer backpacker tours, led by a guide, meaning you get to travel from place to place. Others base themselves in a particular town or backpacker hub. Either way, you get to earn some money whilst enjoying an exciting new destination.

Don’t put off that trip of a lifetime or cut your adventure short because of a lack of funds. Find a way to make money while travelling and you’ll make even more of your journey.

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