Beauty Beyond Simplicity: Augment Your Bed Space and Go Minimal

Minimalism is one of the favorite trends at this point, but beyond that, the real benefit or going minimal is to seek a less cluttered, simpler existence, with the sense of peace and clean surrounding. Minimalist bedroom themes are focusing on what you can remove instead of what you can add.

For some, taking away the excess things and retaining only the useful ones inside their bedrooms are satisfying. You may be surprised at what a lack of things inside your room can feel. If you also want to try a new and refreshing bedroom design, this article will show you how to do it properly.

Start with Your Bed

Start with the largest furniture in the bedroom, which is certainly the bed. Picking the right bed is crucial to bringing out your minimalist theme ideas, primarily because of its immediate existence in your room and its massive size.

In achieving the minimalist themed bedroom, your bed should be visually clean-lined, lightweight and contain platform beds.

These platform beds tend to be virtually nonexistent and visually lightweight which is essential for having a minimalist bedroom. Beds of this kind are straightforward and simple and don’t use extra details that can distract the look that you are preparing.

Remove Excess Clutter

Removing extra clutter from your bedroom is another step on the way to minimalism. Remove stock of anything that is currently in your bedroom then choose to retain what is useful so you can widen the area for some things that are important.

Take away all random debris, the stuff inside your wardrobe, and the clothes you haven’t worn. Remove everything that no longer fits, transfer it to another room of storage or either donate it to make your bedroom clean and simple.

Neutral is Everything

Beauty Beyond Simplicity: Augment Your Bed Space and Go Minimal

Having a neutral color is one characteristic of minimalist bedroom theme. Although it is not necessary for you to stick to dull looking black and white hue, you should limit your color scheme to two colors, also add texture to bring out warmth and interest.

The walls are usually white, but some soothing shades will also work such as grey. Grey tone has the highest versatility of all neutral colors, and it can deliver your room a warm or cool look depending on the selected tone.

If you are not interested in all white background, you can use wood for flooring, accent walls, or headboard to break up the dullness and to bring warmth but retaining the minimalist character of your room.

Retain Minimal Decorations

A room with minimalist theme should only include few essential crafts of furniture. A bedroom may have a dresser, a simple bed or just mattress, and a bookshelf or nightstand. Clear the flat surfaces, but retain one accent decoration.

A room that is entirely clear of stuff is a little boring. So rather than having your desk completely free of debris, consider putting a vase and a piece of a lovely flower. You can hang your family picture on the wall to bring out the minimal artistic theme.

Maintaining the Balance

Minimalism is not just about simplicity; it also promotes harmony. Which means of paying close concentration to balance, having no oversized furniture in a small room, or vice versa, small stuff that feels lost in a large area.

It is also about the balance of your accessories. You don’t have to arrange your furnishings evenly so that the eye movement will flow through space smoothly. If the layout of your room is in with balance, the overall feel is peaceful and disciplined. For more choices and options for home furnishings, you can visit Black Mango and other various online sites.


An excellent minimal bedroom follows some rules and disciplines to achieve its peaceful and relaxing look. Some people are not into this kind of design because of its deafening simplicity. But if you want to try the minimalist theme of your room, follow those given ideas above and surely you will be surprised of the result.

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