Different Types of Lighting for Events

Different Types of Lighting for Events

Event lighting is an essential element to build mood and enhance the atmosphere of a venue. This is executed through the use of various colours and modes of lighting. If you use a warm colour, it tends to make people more excited and active. Cooler colours can bring a relaxing effect.

These are just some ways lighting can affect the mood of the audience. To further understand what type of lighting you need for an event, let’s go ahead and discuss some options.


This is a style where the lights are placed on the ground and are angled upwards to highlight either a wall or an object of interest. This type of lighting is highly recommended to emphasise decorations, speakers, and other parts of the venue.

Gobo lighting

A gobo is a stencil that is placed on top of a light source to help control the light that is emitted from it. It can be used to project company logos or even a bride-groom monograph. They can also be used to create scenes and other images and shapes.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting is not only used for indoor events, but it can also be utilized outdoors. Paper lanterns can bring out a dreamy aura while creating a light mood. A simple candle or Christmas lights along the pathway can also be used to bring a romantic mood.


Spotlighting is when the light is focused on one singular point and is more often focused on a person or an object. This is almost the same as up lighting but different in such as a way that the light from a spotlight will come from above. This is often seen in stage lighting when the principal actor is highlighted.

LED lighting

This is a new form of lighting which is more cost-efficient than regular lighting. Aside from that, LED lighting has other benefits. Here are some of them.

  • It lasts longer compared to other lighting types.
  • It can produce rainbow colours, meaning you have more colours to choose from.
  • It has a clever head which can control the motors of the lamp and its lens.

The type of lighting to use depends on the event that you are planning. So before you decide what type of lighting you need, you have to understand what and how you want each of your guests to feel. Do you want them to be calm or excited? Is this for an exhibit or a party? If you are an events coordinator, you also have to understand the type of guests that will be coming.

If you feel like you won’t be able to execute the lighting properly, it is important that you choose the right lighting professional for the event. Choose a trusted company like Lighting Hire London to assist you with your lighting needs. You will surely be satisfied with their service and your event will certainly be one of the most memorable events ever.

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