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Does Your Diet Make Your Acne Worse?

Does Your Diet Make Your Acne Worse?

“You reap what you sow!” But is it applicable to your diet as well?

There is a common belief that everything on your plate impacts your physical health. This also gave birth to the myth that your diet might trigger acne. Though the relation isn’t established yet, experts suggest that there may be a strong connection between the two.

According to doctors, certain foods can cause breakouts. Which is why acne-prone teenagers and young adults should definitely look at the food they are consuming! Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

Here are some food sources which according to experts can cause acne in susceptible individuals.

  • Carbs: Various food sources were held responsible for causing horrible breakouts. Studies reveal that it’s not the food which matters but what is in the food that does. Carbohydrates make acne

Chocolates, chips, cookies, potatoes, white bread and processed foods are loaded with sugars. You need to limit the consumption of carbs – mainly processed food to control the damage!

  • Milk: Many don’t like milk anyway but this source of calcium can cause acne. There aren’t any absolute results against milk yet but it is considered that the constituents in milk might trigger acne flare-ups!
  • Chocolates: Cutting out chocolate seems like a sin! And gladly there is a huge debate over chocolate being the cause. This means you can have a small bar every now and then.

Studies reveal cocoa bean can be the reason behind those annoying bumps on your face but so far there has been no absolute result. Opt for a chocolate-free diet for at least a month and see the results! You would then know whether chocolate causes pimples in your case.

  • Alcohol: Drinking is not healthy. Studies reveal that consumption of alcohol might throw your hormones off balance which can cause acne on your face. Stay away from that drink as much as you can!

Now, that you have got to know about the food which can cause damage it’s only fair you know about the food sources which might help you get rid of the annoying acne!

Remember, every issue has a solution and we have surely got your back here!

  • Omega 3: Found in wild fish, Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation and tames those red furious bumps on your face and back!
  • Anti-oxidants: Foods which are a good source of anti-oxidants are highly advised to those who suffer from acne. It helps you fight against sun damage. Remember, fruits rich in antioxidants can prevent pimples.
  • Probiotics: These foods increase the healthy gut bacteria. Dermatologists suggest they can help get rid of pimples as well.
  • Water: It shouldn’t be surprising that water helps flush out the toxins from your body. If you want clear, blemish-free skin, make sure you drink enough water. It is recommended that you drink at 8 – 12 glasses of water daily.

Besides changing your diet, make sure you follow a healthy skin care routine to keep sebum and blackheads under control. Remember, taking care of your skin can help reduce blemishes and prevent the formation of new pimples and blackheads.

  • Wash your face using a gentle face wash to remove dirt and sebum which might clog your
  • After cleansing your skin, apply a toner to shrink the pores. Applying a toner also balances the pH level.
  • Invest in oil-free If you have an acne prone skin, schedule an online appointment with your dermatologist or visit the healthcare facility to know what skin care products are right for you.

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