Exciting Ideas for the Attic Space

If you’ve recently cleared out your attic space and realised there’s enough room to convert it into something more than a place for old junk, why not transform it? A good clean, a lick of paint and some modern décor could breathe some life into your attic space. If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at our 8 attic conversion ideas:


  • Home Office

The addition of a built-in desk, chair and computer are all your attic needs to turn it into a functional home office. Make the room a hub of productivity with a whiteboard and filing system to keep you in check. Ensure your Wi-Fi can reach into the room, otherwise you may want to run a cable through the home.


  • Walk-In Wardrobe

Always dreamt of a walk-in wardrobe but never had the space? Convert the attic! Erect some sturdy shelves and storage space so there’s enough room for shoes and handbags. Hang a large mirror on the biggest wall so you’ve got plenty of space to asses your outfits before you leave the house.


  • Children’s Playroom

Get hold of some bright paint and cover the walls in delicate blues, yellows and pinks to make the attic fit for a children’s playroom. Make sure there’s a dedicated area for toy storage to keep the place neat and tidy once they’re done.


  • Reading Nook

If you love reading in peace and quiet, then create your very own private reading nook. Make it cosy by splurging on cushions and throws. Don’t forget a fluffy rug for underfoot. Place the chair or sofa in front of the window for plenty of natural reading light.


  • Green Room

Perhaps you’ve not got a conservatory but have always wanted one, this is the perfect opportunity to transform the attic into a green room. Grab that Patio furniture you’ve had an eye on and surround it with lush indoor plants and flowers.


  • Mini Library

Take a reading nook one step further by converting the whole space into a library. Put some shelves up wall-to-wall to store all of your unread novels you’ve been meaning to make a start on. Have a comfy chair in the corner, and maybe even a desk for budding writers.


  • Craft Room

This is for arts and crafts enthusiasts who’ve run out of workspace in the kitchen. Create your very own art studio by stocking up on craft supplies and filing system to store it all in. Last but not least, have a large workbench set up so you can finally tackle those bigger projects.


  • Games Room

One for the kids and adults, a games room is a fantastic addition to a family home. Design a space that all the family can enjoy with the latest entertainment system and console, as well as more old fashioned entertainment like board games and games tables.

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