Is Coronavirus Affecting Our Mental Health?

Is Coronavirus Affecting Our Mental Health?

Let’s face it: being in quarantine is tough. Boredom easily reaches out to you when you least expect it. There are countless of things which are doable at home but, unfortunately, isolation sometimes may reach out for your mental health. Let’s analyse what to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even when at home.


Reading a book is THE most important thing to remain sane during this quarantine. Not only it heavily stimulates your creativity, but reading has been pointed out as the main catalyst of serotonin when alone at home, on top of being far healthier than watching TV. Reading doesn’t have to involve extremely long and complicated books, but anything really. Therefore, if you have a couple of unread books in your house, you may want to start now.


Exercising is extremely important for your mental health as well. It’s extremely important, for example, to identify how to practice daily, at home, without exaggerating. On top of wearing highly performing fitness clothing, it’s important to also maintain the same schedule you would follow if you were going to the gym. Cardio exercise is fundamental for you to keep fit and maintain stamina, which is mandatory when a pandemic is happening outside. 

Call your Friends and Family

With technology like Facetime, Skype and many more, it’s incredibly easy to stay in contact with your friends and family. There are apps released for this very quarantine, like Houseparty for example, who can be used to actually (you don’t say) host house parties. This will keep your morale up and at the same time, it will keep you close to your parents and friends. 

Zoom is also another great alternative to this and, if done properly, could also help you if you are working remotely and you are missing your coworkers. 

Play Some Games

Videogames are cool, we know that. And guess what? There are tons of titles you can play at the moment on both Playstation and PC. Keep yourself occupied with games that aren’t stressful and can lead you to a nice, relaxed evening (or morning/afternoon, if you’re really that bored). With the advent of online multiplayer, also, it could be possible for you to interact with people and who knows, maybe making new friends. We do really hope this list will help you in coping with the COVID-19 outbreak so stay safe and stay indoors! 

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