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The Importance of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is basically the use of information technology and telecommunication to make diagnosis of the patients and to provide them with the relevant treatment they need. With the advancements in technology and globalization, this method of getting a medical treatment or check-up has become quite prevalent and successful. More and more people are coming towards this. It is very beneficial as it saves time. Hospital visits are now very low in number. It will not be wrong to say that this has revolutionized the medical industry in many ways. Let’s take a look at the importance of telemedicine.

  1. Convenience at Home

Telemedicine is a huge leap in the medical industry. It has created a great deal of ease and convenience for both the patients and the doctors. Sometimes patients, due to a legion of reasons cannot physically visit the doctor. It may be because of their unfit health, conveyance issues or because of their remote geographical location. Telemedicine addresses these issues and allows them access to competent doctors and their services regardless of their physical presence with the doctor. Patients, especially with serious issues and old people do not need to worry about their doctor’s visits. They can get the appointment themselves and attend the session by themselves pretty conveniently as well.

  1. Transportation Costs

Money is a very important part of our lives, especially in this era. In order to ensure a satisfactory way of living, we need to save money and watch where we spend it. Everyone wants to cut their extra expenses and save money wherever and whenever they can. Telemedicine has played a very significant part in saving the costs of transportation to and from the doctor’s clinic. You do not have to worry about fuel expense or taxi fare anymore. Your check-ups and follow-ups can easily be done through phone and technology. Many telemedicine companies in USA are becoming more attractive to patients because of this feature.

  1. Comatose Patient Care

The advantages of telemedicine extend to the care of critical patients like the ones who are in coma. These patients require constant and intense care. It cannot be provided all the time manually. There are some mistakes or negligence bound to happen. In order to avoid this distress and risk, telemedicine comes to the rescue. It monitors and regulates the pressures, levels and temperatures as needed and eases the tasks of doctors. It has aided both the patients and doctors immensely and is still improving and bringing more advancements and functions in the industry. Mortality rates and complications have been drastically reduced due to this technological innovation.

  1. Global Consultation

Patients living in remote and distant areas always face a problem of not having the opportunity to consult experienced doctors because they do not have the means to go to them. Telemedicine helps them to send out their files and reports worldwide to doctors. This way they have diagnosis from multiple sources and can decide better on what to do. Moreover, for complicated cases, the reports can be shared with groups of doctors who can make a team and work on a case together.

  1. Reduced Carbon footprint

Telemedicine has also helped tremendously in reducing carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is actually the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by an individual, organization and community. Telemedicine cuts the carbon footprint. So, this use of technology has cut the hazards to environment.

In the nutshell, telemedicine has improved the medical industry in a legion of ways. As it is enunciated above, it has brought convenience for both the doctors and patients in a plethora of manners. The conveyance costs and fare have been cut and this has led to more savings for already sick patients who are spending a great share of their wallet already on medicines. The mortality rates have been reduced especially in comatose patients who can be now monitored more intently. Furthermore, you get a wide pool of doctors to help you with the case so you can make a better and more informed decision. Last but not the least, telemedicine is proving to be environment friendly which is a need these days for our deteriorating atmosphere.

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