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Transform Your Conservatory Into A Thriving Sunroom

Transforming your conservatory into a sunroom is an interior design trend at the moment and it is easy to understand why. Creating this space is one that you will soon fall in love with and will love during the summer months. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being intruded by bugs. Let’s look at how you can transform your conservatory into a stunning sunroom. 

Take Advantage Of The Different Seasons

One of the issues with using the conservatory is that it can be very seasonal. You will likely only use this room during the warmer months. However, if you want it to be the perfect sunroom, you must ensure it has the right design all year round. 

One of the main concerns with conservatories is maintaining a good temperature all year round. To do this, you need to change a lot with it. Installing conservatory insulation into your room is one way to transform it. You will soon see and feel the difference with your conservatory roof insulation. However, one of the concerns with this is restricting light but in reality, you don’t lose much more light compared to a polycarbonate roof. 

Use Colours To Compliment Your Room

The next step to transforming your conservatory is to pick a colour palette that would brighten up the room. There are many things you can change but if you want your furniture to stand out then choose colours that add a variety of colours. White might be a bit too much and can be too bright so if you choose a beige or stone colour. That would be much better. 

Something else you can do with your sunroom is to choose furniture that blends in with your flooring and wall colour. Once you have your furniture ready, consider soft furnishings with colours. Your throws and cushions can be bright pink or emerald green to match your back garden. 

Keep It Simple With White and Black

There is something quite spectacular with a white and black decor for a sunroom and it is ever so simple. For your window frames, paint these black or consider having black blinds or curtains. Then with the flooring, a mixture of white and black tiling can be a great choice. If you have a wooden floor then consider a white and black rug in the centre of the room. 

Make Sure You Complete Conservatory Repairs Before Decorating

Before you convert your conservatory into a sunroom, you must prioritise repairs. If your conservatory is old, there could be many things wrong on the exterior which could cause issues internally. If you don’t repair these issues then it can lead to mold and cause your wood to rot. Due to this, you may require mould removal to deal with these issues and the exterior to be reconstructed so water doesn’t leak through.


Your priority should always be repaired before you start transforming your conservatory into your dream sunroom. Once that is completed, then you can start to decorate this room so you can use it all year round. 

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