5 Ways To Spice Up Your Fashion Game As a Mom

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Being a mom is one of the most overwhelming feelings in the world. But it often leads us to ditch our fashionable looks and settle into the warm comfort of sweatpants and oversized sweaters. Don’t worry; we can help you spice up your fashion game as a mom with just one fashion staple: the leather jacket.

You may have discarded your leather jacket to the back of the closet after being a mom; however, that doesn’t mean that is where it should stay! Celebrity moms with styles as different as day and night know the styling potential of leather jackets. It is time that you should too! Take inspiration from Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr. These ladies have been around for a long time and seem to be in no danger of going out of fashion even now…even for moms!

Oh, and don’t worry about the leather being faux or real. All that matters is that you wear it right.

  • The fashionable next-door-mom look


For a casual look involving leather jackets, you have to pair it with your most comfy jeans. Throw on your favorite tee and add in a pair of boots and you’re done. Don’t restrict this casual pairing to just tees though. You can also attain the same look with a sweater or a blouse. Just remember to ditch those boots for pretty heels, if you do that. The objective here is to look amazing in an effortless kind of way. Like an off-duty model maybe. Keep exchanging your tops for one that suits your fancy – which is the point of this extremely versatile look. Whether you are going to the supermarket with your kid or to the movies on family night, this look is perfect for both outings!

  • The urban mom look


To achieve this look with leather jackets, you will need to couple them with your usual office-going ensemble. Whether you wear dresses to work, look gorgeous in pantsuits, or prefer skirt suits, the jacket will go with everything. Moreover, the sophisticated look doesn’t take any effort to pull off. Jackets with masculine cuts will be ideal. Of course, just make sure that it is okay to wear leather jackets to your office before you do all this.

If you prefer slim cuts and lightweight jackets over masculine ones, then that can be achieved too. Just wear it like you would wear a blazer, i.e., with a crisp white button-down shirt.

  • The smart casual

When you are going for a smart casual look, it means you have a smart occasion in mind. You aren’t just stepping out with your kid. Don’t worry though because your trusty leather jacket has your back. This look represents the modern feminine style. A silky blouse would go wonderfully with slim pants. Throw on your jacket and slip your feet into a pair of high heels.

The elegant look

The beauty of a pink leather jacket is how seamlessly it can be incorporated into off-duty outfits, as well as, evening ones. For an elegant look, pair your jacket with a dark-colored sheath dress. If you want contrast, then pick a biker jacket. If you’re going to show off your softer, feminine side, stick with a cropped one.

  • The fun mom lookBoho-Chic meets party This look is a zany combination of creativity and comfort. Take out your most flirty floral print dress and put it on. Then pull on ankle-length boots. Lastly, complete the look by pulling on a black leather jacket. That’s it!

    Rock n’ roll

    Ready to party? Then do it while looking amazing! A midi dress will be ideal for this look. Set it off with cowboy boots and your leather jacket. Don’t forget to accessorize with bold makeup. Celebrity mom inspiration: Paula Patton.

    Moms’ Night Out

    Given that being a mom reduces the number of your nights out, but that doesn’t mean that you make the most of these nights and dress to impress. It also means you can be as outrageous as you want and go all out. Think oversized motorcycle jackets and vintage overalls. If that’s not you, then think about a printed floral biker jacket and pair it with your boldest shade of lipstick.

    • The festive lookCocktail PartyIf you are going to a cocktail party, biker-style leather jackets will fit the bill. Look fierce and edgy when you step out sporting a quilted jacket and pair it with jeans ­- skinny and black ones only. Complete the look by flaunting some fancy-looking accessories.

      The formal look

      Most moms feel uncomfortable when trying to pull off a formal look while dressed in a leather jacket. It doesn’t have to be that way with you. Leather jackets in a cropped style can go from evening elegance to formal wear, even with a kid, if they match the color of your gown. Keep the attention on the gown you have splurged on but stand out with the contrast due to the jacket!

      Date Night

      Deciding what to wear on a date night can be hard. However, you can dilute the worry with leather jackets on your side. Shine like the confident mom you are by sporting one on your date. However, don’t forget to choose a jacket that you are comfortable wearing and makes you feel sexy.

      • The seasonal lookDress for winter So, leather might not be warm enough on extra-cold days, but you can still work into your dressing by layering it. Wear another jacket or an overcoat and then pull the leather jacket over it. A topcoat will be perfect for the winter look whether you wear one in a similar color as your jacket or both in contrasting shades. Don’t be afraid to play around with it a bit until you find your signature look.

        The other winter look

        Sweaters make for cute winter style, but you can move from warmth to fashionable mom when you pair it with a fur-lined leather jacket. The rest of the ensemble should be the usual, i.e., jeans and shirt. If you love showing off your shape in shorter styled jackets, then combine them with high waisted jeans. Tuck your sweater into the jeans and look effortlessly stylish but completely confident!

        So, what do you think? Are you ready to take your leather jackets where few have attempted to go before? Just remember whether you are going for an effortlessly fashionable look or are heading to a ball, your leather jacket will blend right in. Wear it with the basics and classics of your wardrobe, such as jeans. But don’t forget to experiment with maxi dresses and pantsuits and have fun

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