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Staying Fit Without Joining A Gym

These days, it seems as if we are all short on time. Between work, family, and social commitments, we can hardly find some time to dedicate to ourselves, our health and fitness. We think that if we pay for a gym membership, that will somehow force us to actually go there and start working out. That’s usually just money down the drain. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to stay fit without joining a gym and wasting your money.

Watch YouTube videos

Try getting up at least half an hour earlier than you normally would. That is enough for most workouts which you can follow along on YouTube. There is a wide variety of instructional videos, so finding the one that suits you best should not be a problem. From HIIT to yoga, all your needs are covered, and you can even switch it up every day. You do not need a huge space with mirrors for working out though; rearranging some of the furniture so that you can do jumps and lunges will be enough. Once you get the hang of it, you will see if you need some affordable equipment, such as jump ropes, Pilates balls or resistance bands.

Change the way you commute

If you work in an office, you can change the way you get there. For example, if you drive, you can park your car a bit farther and walk to the building. On the other hand, if you take the bus, try walking to a different stop that is 20 minutes away, or getting off the bus a few stops earlier. You can also switch it up, by riding your bike to work at least once a week. If your office is not that far, you can even walk all the way there. Additionally, make a habit of using the stairs instead of the lift.

Opt for a sport you like

Joining a team sport might be a good option for you if you can find the time. These are scheduled, so you should be able to work around it. Anything from volleyball to hockey can be beneficial for staying in shape. You can also opt for track, as maybe you prefer solitude while listening to your favourite tunes, plus it’ll give you a lot of vitamin D. However, swimming might be the best choice seeing as how it is a low-impact workout that has plenty of other benefits such as burning fat and building muscle.

Socialise while exercising

If you hardly ever see your friends because of all the daily obligations, how about inviting them to work out together? You can just go for a long walk. It will help you stay in shape but also give you a chance to catch up on what is new in your lives. To take it up a notch, join a yoga class together or go for a hike. If you’re up for a challenge, you can even prepare for an obstacle-course race. However, if you are both busy parents, just playing around and running after your children will be a great workout.

Mind your Diet

Of course, staying fit is not just about burning the calories. It is also about having a healthy diet. A variety of healthy foods will help you stay lean and provide you with all the necessary nutrients that your body needs. To maintain your muscle mass, you need protein, so go for chicken, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, and beans, for example. Non-fat varieties of yogurt, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are also very important for maintaining a lean figure. For instance, eating two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of veggies a day can help you maintain your weight. Additionally, you can add a lean post-workout blend to your diet as it can work wonders for the recovery process. They even come in different flavours so you can find the one you like the most. Finally, you can consult with a nutritionist to see which foods would work best for your body.

Avoid unhealthy Food

Research has shown that people who prepare their own meals are more likely to lose weight. So, in order to stay lean, try cooking and eating at home instead of always eating out or ordering in. You should cut back on processed food. Avoid sugary drinks as much as you can as well as alcohol as the body uses it as fuel instead of the fat stores. If you really love pizza and can’t live without it, there are healthy options that you can go for. Additionally, avoid margarine, industrial vegetable oils and white bread, among other things.

As you can see, joining a gym is not necessary in order to stay fit. Depending on your lifestyle and obligations, you can see where you can steal some time for yourself. There is nothing on this list that will take too much of your time, if you just plan everything in advance. Finally, do not forget to stay hydrated and get enough sleep every night.

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