Making The Best Use Of The Summer Holidays

Making The Best Use Of The Summer Holidays

When you’re a university student one of the big advantages is that you have long summer holidays. They can be a vital chance to rest and recharge from some intensive studies, or to earn some extra money to carry you through the next term. The important thing is to make sure, whether you’re relaxing or working, you’re using the time memorably. You may not never get holidays like this again, so when you leave your student accommodation, Huddersfield and your studies behind for the summer make sure you have a plan that will leave you with stories to tell when you return in September.

Today we’re giving a short guide to the making the most of your summer holidays, to inspire you into action.


Working over the summer is a great choice for many people: as well as the money you bring in, it gives you a sense of purpose, a structure to your weeks and avoids the summer drifting by in a haze of inactivity. Days off and weekends still give you the chance to catch up with friends and enjoy the weather and you’ll value those days all the more for their scarcity.

That doesn’t mean that any job you can get is as good as any other. You can strategically use the time you have over the summer to boost your chances with the career you have your eye on after graduating. Talking to your tutors and university careers serviceas well as simply reaching out to relevant organisations and asking them could result in a summer job or internship that will be an asset to your CV, get you important contacts and show your commitment to the field as well as earning you some money.


If you’re using your summer holidays to rest or travel rather than work, that doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself to make the most of the them. If you want to travel and also come home with a sense of achievement, you can look into volunteering schemes that let you work and teach abroad so you can see the world, save a little money on accommodation and do some good into the bargain.

If it is pure relaxation you are looking for, you can save money by opting for destinations that are a little off the beaten path. Make the most of Europe before Brexit makes travel there too difficult and expensive, but avoid Spain, and other well worn destinations. A trip to Croatia, for example, is much cheaper than an Italian holiday but similar in so many ways – they’re only just across across the Adriatic from each other.

This will allow you to come back with stories and discoveries far beyond others, at a fraction of the cost!

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