Unlocking the Magic of a Multi-Stop Camping Trip

multi stop camping trip essential guide

With summer basically here, you want to get the most out of your weekends, bank holidays and any at-home holidays you want to make the most of. Especially in places like Scotland, South America or even Sweden, there are so many opportunities for you to hire a campervan for a week or two and travel from campsite to campsite.


When it comes to camping on the move, you are essentially getting multiple experiences and holidays all in one trip. The crackling campfire, the symphony of crickets chirping under a star-dusted sky, the freshness and silence of the mornings, frying up some eggs on the camping stove while gazing at a new glorious landscape every other day.


Changing the scenery and seeing what new places have to offer all at the price of petrol is such a great experience and shouldn’t be passed on any occasion so we have decided to put together a simple guide to a multi-stop camping trip.


Guide To a Multi-Stop Camping Trip

Create an Itinerary

Before you’ve even begun to pack for your camping trip, having the simplest of structures is completely necessary. Some camping sites are booked weeks in advance and you shouldn’t have to subject yourself to disappointment, especially if you’ve hired a car that needs a hard-standing pitch. Having a look, figuring out which sites you wish to visit and booking with a guide are essential.


I’d recommend having a look at multiple platforms for camping sites that are unique and have a multitude of perks, whether it’s a natural pool for you to swim in or luxury facilities. I would recommend both YouTube and TikTok to find some gems to add to your multi-top camping trip.


Crafting a Route

After finding out which places you wish to visit, you will need to make sure there is a flow to not only save on fuel but also to avoid coming back to yourself and wasting time. If you are not the best at crafting routes, their websites, Google Maps and even AI can tell you which ones to start with and where to end. This can give you further insights into where to stop for fuel and food on the way.


Pack Right

You’ve found where you want to go, planned your route and now it’s time to figure out what comes and what stays. Packing light but also having enough things to get you through a long camping trip is essential. It’s good to know that some places have laundry mats if you are ever in dire need of fresh clothes.


Understanding how long you are going for and preparing for every kind of weather condition. Waterproofs and warm, thin clothing are the go-to’s in these scenarios. So I would suggest a men’s full tracksuit, hoodies, thermals, shorts, breathable T-shirts and waterproofs. If you are still not sure, there is so much inspiration from experienced campers online, and they will always tell you that you don’t actually need that much; you are camping and roughing it so you might as well go with it.


Essentials Only

In the discussion about only bringing what’s necessary, camping accessories are just as important, if not more, than clothes. From camping stoves to chairs, you will need to make sure that you are packing effectively so you aren’t left in the middle of nowhere with gas or firelighters.


I find making a list a few days before can give my brain enough time to think about what else I need to add to the list, this will prevent any last-minute panic and brain fog before I embark on my travels.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning for a multi-trip camping experience, while it’s essential to prep, plan and remember things, it’s also important that you are open to new experiences. Camping is about community and getting in touch with your inner child. These moments of being in the middle of nowhere bright and early and setting off for a hike really keep us in tune with ourselves and there is a reason why millions of people love it. Be sure that you are hiring the right car for the trip, plan, pack and enjoy yourself.

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