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Choosing Highly Efficient Air Purifier Unit

Choosing Highly Efficient Air Purifier Unit

If you are concerned with air pollution around your home, it is a good idea to have an air purifying solution indoor. However, you should make sure that the manufacturer has fully disclosed the real capabilities of their products. You should be aware that some air purification isn’t really worth buying. There are quality measurement factors that you need to be aware of and the total efficiency of the air purification unit should be high enough. If your home is located near a busy road or heavy industrial complexes, you need to make sure that the air can be fully purified, so you will be able to ensure the overall health of your family members.

There are different types of air purification units that you can install in your own house. As an example, ionic air cleaner can be quite indispensable in a house that’s affected by chemical pollutants on the air that could be caused by busy road traffic or nearby factories. An ionic air purifier uses electrostatic charge that removes pollutants from airflow that passes by the collection plate. In the best circumstance, ionic air clear can have 80 percent efficiency.  It also means that up to 80 percent of the pollutants in the air can be removed. However, you should know that the efficiency could degrade due to factors like plate loading.

If you want to ensure that the air purification unit has top performance, you need to perform regular cleaning sessions. However, you should know that many air purifiers don’t provide the necessary performance even at top efficiency. If this is your situation, you should consider using HVAC filter, which is known for its extremely high performance. If there is a family member who is susceptible to allergy, HVAC filter could really improve his/her situation. Allergens, such as spores, dust and pollen can be removed effectively from the indoor air. HVAC filter is also easy to maintain and you will need to change the filter every three months.

There are also air purifier units that are based on the ozone generation. However, you should know that ozone isn’t exactly effective in some situation and it doesn’t really reduce the concentration of particulates in the indoor air. It also has questionable capability in eliminating odors and chemicals. However, it is true that ozone is quite reactive and it will be able to break down molecules. Another factor to consider is that ozone may react with various objects inside your house, such as textile, furnishing, construction material and others. The by-products of the reactions could actually increase the level of pollutants inside your house. For some people, ozone itself could aggravate their existing respiratory problems, such as inflamed lung tissue.

For the highest level of efficiency, you may consider choosing HEPA air cleaner, which is the gold standard in the air purification industry. HEPA filter with 0.3 micron rating can reach 99.97 percent efficiency in removing particulates in the air. However, you should know that the HEPA filter really fulfils the promise, because on some models only about 50 percent of the airflow passes the micron filter.

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