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How much does it cost to install a Garage Door Repair?

Unfortunately, a garage door is not akin to a showpiece that sits at the corner and attracts attention for its beauty. Instead, garage doors undergo extensive wear and tear on account of opening and shutting as your car parks and drives out. In fact, an average garage door opens and closes roughly 1,500 times annually.

Moreover, a garage door replacement provides a good return on investment and improves your home’s resale value. The Remodeling Magazine confirms that a new garage door enhances the house resale value by 84%. Most garage doors are heavy and challenging to maneuver. Therefore, it is best to let an expert handle this tough job.

Average garage door repair cost

Home Advisor highlights that the average cost of garage door repair is $226. When you decide to get a repair, it is critical to have a budget that ranges between $147 – $329. This amount covers the purchase of fasteners, connectors, adhesives, as well as the tracks for the door’s movement.

The high-end cost of repair can go up to $583 depending on the quality of the materials and other factors. On the other hand, the low-end stands at $75. The cost can also be calculated online. At the same time, ImproveNet provides the following average cost estimates:

Common garage door repair work

Pricing for regular repair work includes:

  • Track repair of the garage door at an average price of $155
  • Restoration of broken cables or chains for an average amount between $150 to $200
  • Uneven garage door opening due to track issues repaired at $133 to $154
  • Spring issues in garage door fixed at $300 or more
  • Garage door wheel track obstruction repair for $133 to $154

Factors that determine the price

The repair cost of a garage door is mainly dependent on the door type and the nature of the problem. Issues such as debris in the tracks of your garage door are not very pricey to get fixed. But, faulty cables and broken panels can be expensive.

If it’s the garage door opener that requires repair, then the average range of cost lies between $201 and $467. The type of opener will influence the overall cost. For instance, you might choose between chain-driven, screw-driven, and belt-driven garage door openers. The price will vary accordingly with belt-driven openers at the high end and chain-driven garage door openers at the lower end costing the least.

You might have to get the garage door replaced if the door closes only partially or metal cables connecting it are frayed. The same also stands true if the brackets connecting the cables are loose or the doors exhibit difficulty in moving due to worn springs. You can get a trained eye to inspect the damage to see if the garage door needs replacement. It will help you save from additional maintenance costs in the future.

In this regard, factors that affect the cost include:

  • Location: The area where you reside as well as the way the place is designed determines the overall price. The average labor charges for an hour are $85. However, these can be less or more as per the location.


  • Material: Garage doors boast an array of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials. All this come at a different price that impacts the professional quote for garage door repair.


  • Labour: You can replace the door yourself. However, these typically weigh heavy. It multiplies the risk of physical injury. On top of that, any mistake in the repair regime can result in higher expenses down the road. Therefore, it is better to let professionals work on it.


  • Amount of Work needed: If the repair work demands an electrician, your total costs will swell. Additionally, multi-code garage openers are costlier to get repaired relative to automatic garage door openers. It is because multi-code openers need additional programming and pricey tech to fix.

There may be some additional costs emerging from works such as reframing the door’s exterior, replacing hardware, and resizing the opening. Make sure that you discuss everything well in advance before getting a quote for garage door repair.

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