How Smoking Ruins Our Lifestyle?

How Smoking Ruins Our Lifestyle

When we watch TV, we often watch how male characters who smoke and they appear great with that. James Dean and Dean Martin are known as characters with cigarette that hang out of their mouth. This kind of portrayal has encouraged millions of people to smoke. Young people tend to follow adults in terms of behaviour and the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. They may start casually and this will extend later into full-blown addictions. They want to become young and someone who lives on the age. They want to rebel against the rules and the advice of their parents. However, young people often don’t realize that they have the whole life ahead of them and what they do right now will have direct effects on what they do later.

Just a small experiment during teenage years and this could develop into full-fledge activities. In 30 years, these people could smoke more than 50,000 cigarettes; if they smoke five times each day, but many smoke more than that amount. With that many cigarettes, they have inhaled large amount of toxic smoke and the dark, sticky substances have accumulated inside their respiratory system. Tobacco will cause gradual changes in our body and many can be quite significant. The seemingly harmless activity will transform into various physical and physiological changes, which cause us to face various stark realities. As an example, infections will happen more easily, chest pains are more frequent and breathing is increasingly harder to do.

In reality, smoking doesn’t contribute anything to our lifestyle. As we reach 60 years old, we will experience the significant effects of decades of smoking. Some people can no longer be able to sleep without having 3 pillows stacked up, so they are able to breathe properly. They may also need to have oxygen concentrator when they have the frequent episodes of the shortness of breath. They may doze off and wake up two hours later due to breathing issues and anxiety. They may also need to use inhaler to help with their breathing issues. These little changes can eventually be quite significant and affect their overall quality of life. This is obviously something that we should avoid having our lives.

The frequent use of oxygen tubing will affect us for the rest of our lives. We won’t be able to do many things and various activities can become more restricted. It is also more difficult for us to perform various activities outdoor. We could only ask grandkids to visit us, instead of being able to go outdoors with them. This is only one scenario that affects people who have smoking addictions. Many can have more serious problems, such as heart attacks and lung or mouth cancer. This is a life-threatening situation and when the health issues reach a critical level, even the best doctor may not be able to help. We will eventually die, regardless of our lifestyle, but it is important to make sure that we are able to stay productive and active much longer.

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