Why Weight Loss Should Become A Lifestyle, Instead Of Diet?

Why Weight Loss Should Become A Lifestyle, Instead Of Diet?

Many people have concern about being called overweight or even worse, obese. People are considered as overweight when their body weight is above ideal. They are considered obese when their body weight is 20 percent above ideal. In the United States alone, about 30 percent of adults are already obese, while many children and teenagers are already overweight, making it more likely for them to become obese during adulthood. Weight problems are often associated with lack of exercise and poor diet. They may cause problems like hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks and others. Eradicating weight problem can be solved by being more active. We don’t actually need to have intense exercise and we can incorporate physical activities in our daily lives.

As an example, we could sleep and wake early to walk to workplace. It may take us one hour longer to reach the workplace, but we will certainly burn some calories. This is acceptable if our workplace is about 3 miles away from home. If we walk from and to home for one hour each day at normal pace, we will burn about 250 calories, which allows us to burn 1.5lbs of fat each month. In one year, we will lose 18lbs of fat, which is quite significant. We lose our body weight when our fat cells shrink. Losing weight isn’t about getting ourselves starved and exercising until we are exhausted. It is about having moderate eating pattern. People who eat large meals will certainly gain some weight. If possible, we should eat smaller meals, because we often already satisfied by eating only a little.

It’s a good thing if you are able to remove sugary drinks and sodas from your daily diet. They should be replaced with plain water and organic juices with no sugar added, just naturally sweet fruits. When buying processed, there are actually many kinds of ingredients that you need to avoid, such as sucralose, HFCS, hydrogenated oils and various ingredients that can be potentially harmful. It is a good thing if you are able to maintain the consumption of about 7 servings of veggies and fruits each day. If you want weight loss to become a permanent part of your lifestyle, you should focus on eating allowed food, such as low-fat portions of poultry, high-fat fish, whole nuts and any kind of vegetables.

It is also a good thing if you are able to avoid any kind of restricted food, such as prepackaged juice, foods made from refined white flour, crackers, chips, candy, sweets and cake. It is also healthy if you are able to prepare your own meal and drink a lot of water. When you urinate more often, you will help your body to remove excess chemicals and toxins. If you adopt the healthy lifestyle, it is likely that that you will be more energized and productive. This is the kind of physical state that you want to achieve whenever possible. It is much easier to prevent than to cure diseases.

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