5 Best Destinations to go Winter Camping

As much as people love camping trips in the summer, winter camping can be even more exciting. Without the unrelenting heat, the steady and annoying stream of bugs, as well as the endless hoards of people, you could easily get rid of most if not all the distractions and concentrate on genuinely enjoying the splendid beauty that winter camping has to offer.

Although camping in the winter can be a challenge, it’s extremely rewarding as well provided you prepare adequately and choose the most suitable campsite. So, in case you are looking to pick a winter camping site for your next trip, here are a few great destinations to get started.

These five places feature excellent winter activities along with breathtakingly beautiful sights for an outstanding and memorable camping experience.


  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park


This park is located in the famous Texas panhandle and affords amazing views of the rock formations which resemble the Grand Canyon.  You can bike, hike, and horseback ride through the several canyons. 

In addition, there are many caves that you can explore and rock towers (also known as “hoodoos”) which offer excellent climbing platforms for young and adults alike. Although these campsites are located in designated regions, they offer a special camping experience for visitors in “The Grand Canyon of Texas”. Make sure you take lightweight campersand adventure gear along.


  • Death Valley National Park


Even though Death Valley is easily one of the hottest spots in North America, it is also a land of extremes. During the winter, visitors to this amazing destination can enjoy skiing Death Valley’s monumental Telescope Peak. It is a shimmering mountain which stands at more than 11,049 feet high.

Daytime is warm, but the place can get quite chilly at night. The peak does present some interesting and unique challenges for backpackers, hikers, and skiers, with some truly distinct geological formations and incredible vertical rise.

If you are not a fan of snow sports, then Death Valley provides some of the best conventional camping anywhere. It is best to plan your trip in January or February.


  • Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon


Mount Hood is densely forested and just about 25 miles east of Portland; it extends south from the stunning Columbia River Gorge. As per a geological survey, the mountain is about 11,240 feet tall (or 3,425 meters).

When you plan your trip, make sure you check out the USDA website which has a comprehensive list of all campgrounds which still allow campfires. That way, you will not get left out in the chilly weather. Visit this website for reservation. Also, keep in mind that there are several designated winter parking spots. The forest is a go-to spot for outdoor recreation. Most visitors come to camp, fish, boat, and hike.


  • Alamo Lake State Park


If you like wildlife, you may want to make at least an annual visit to this small yet gorgeous state park in Western Arizona.

Alamo Lake provides excellent bird watching, with bald eagles, egrets, and other exotic birds making frequent appearances during the winter. It is also considered one of the best and most fun fishing lakes in Arizona. And that is not all. The lake is off the beaten and rugged path; hence, you will enjoy absolute peace and full night skies during your trip. The park is, without a doubt, an incredible find.


  • Raintree RV Park


Located in the famous city of Rockport, Texas, the Raintree Park is an excellent place to park your RVs and then take in the sounds and sights of the region.

Rockport offers access to a number of activities like fishing, boating, swimming, as well as bird watching.

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