Bali – The Best Place for Newlyweds

For couples who are planning to exchange or renew vows, Bali is the best place to do that. The place is simply paradise. Not only are there lots of white sand beaches, there are also a lot of nice restaurants that serve great local food. No matter what type of ceremony you prefer, you can do it there. One option would be to do a “commitment ceremony” which looks like the real wedding but it isn’t. It even contains readings and special touches that you and your partner find joy in. A lot of couples do this in Bali because it saves time. Another reason to hold your wedding in Bali is the warm hospitality from the locals. Indonesians are known to be very friendly people especially the people who work in the hotels you choose to stay. They’ll all make sure you enjoy every minute of your stay in Bali. To top it off, there are many things to do in Bali like surfing at Canggu Beach, visiting Uluwatu Temple, and trekking Mount Batur.

There are many locations in Bali that are ideal for any type of wedding ceremony. Furthermore, the rates there are low when you compare them to other countries like Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Therefore, this is going to be one trip that’s not going to cost a lot of money. To make sure you’ll spend your money wisely, it would be best to hire a wedding planner. Out of all the companies in Bali that offer that service, the best option is The Seven Agency. They have organized more than 2,000 wedding ceremonies and all of them went well. If you want proof, you can check out more than a hundred positive reviews on their Facebook page. Each member of their team has been highly trained to give you great service.

The Seven Agency is a part of a large company known as the Seven Group. The Seven Group is a famous local company that provides a lot more services other than organizing weddings and honeymoons. They also offer cheap villa options that can’t be found on websites like Not only do they have a wide range of connections, they have been in the industry for a very long time. Hence, you can trust them with the task of organizing your big event. Their managers will personally see to it that your wedding will be an unforgettable one. They’re open to sitting down with you or talking with you over the phone to know your preferences. You just need to tell them your budget, the number of people you plan to invite, etc. After that, they’ll give you numerous packages that suit what you prefer. They offer eye-popping venues for your wedding such as a hidden beach, a cliff, a waterfall, a jungle and even a villa. There’s no question it would be best to opt for wedding packages as your tasks will be lessened since the choices have been made for you.

For your stay in Bali to get properly covered, you shouldn’t rely on your mobile phone’s camera alone. The quality may not be that good and it would be better if you’re also in the pictures. Hence, it would be best to order a three-hour photo session in Bali. That already includes a professional photographer so you’re definitely going to take home high-quality photos. The quality of the photos is a huge factor in making you want to store the photos somewhere you’ll remember. You can ensure the photographer knows where he’ll position himself to capture the best photos.

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