Going To The Mountains. Travel Tips.

Going To The Mountains. Travel Tips.

A trip to the mountains is an exciting event, which introduces a special color into everyday life. In the minds of people who are going to hike in the mountains, there are thoughts about the beauties that they will be lucky to see, about the adventures that are waiting for them. Of course, they are wondering, how to prepare for the trip. Which things are necessary, and which are not necessary? How much to take food, water? What equipment is needed? While people with experience of hiking in the mountains do not find the answers to these questions to be particularly difficult, then those, who are going to hike for the first time, can face difficulties. In this article, we will suggest how to organize preparations for a hike in the mountains and what things are needed to conquer your first mountain peak.

Going To The Mountains. Travel Tips.

  1. First, when going to the mountains, find a company.

After all, even the most experienced alpinists do not dare to go to the mountains alone. Find at least one -two more people. In order to reach the meeting point, it is possible to rent a car. Click here to watch car rental offers.

If the team will be all newcomers, without the experience of hikes, or children, it is better to have a one-day trip on some uncomplicated route. It is best to go up along the river, this way you will not get lost. If it is not available, select a particular trail for the movement. Before staring the trip, warn friends or the owners of the premises, where you have stopped for temporary residence that you are going on a hike and tell them the approximate time of your return.

  1. Weather in the mountains

The greatest difficulty in the mountains for travelers is the sudden change of weather. You cannot see how the storm is going. However, there is one sign that allows you to determine it: about half an hour before the storm, an unusual dead silence comes to the forest.

If you face a problem of a thunderstorm, you cannot hide under the rocks and near the precipices, but you cannot stay in the open area either. You must not move during a thunderstorm: the ground becomes slippery, and you risk to be injured. If you are near a river or a stream, (even if it is dried up), move as far as possible: during a thunderstorm, they are filled with water very quickly and become fatally dangerous.

  1. Equipment for a hike in the mountains

  • Backpack

Make sure that the initial weight of the backpack in the short (3-5 days) hike does not exceed 12-15 kg. Before the hike, adjust the backpack for you so that the main weight is not on the shoulders, but kept on the hips (with the use of a backpack belt).

This subject has long and seriously become the backbone of tourist equipment. It serves to protect your body from dampness, cold, wind and dirt. Even with a one-day hike, it is strongly recommended to take the roll mat with you, as it will allow you to quite comfortably rest and gain strength at a rest stop.

Roll-Up Yoga Mat on a White Background

  • Tent

Important characteristics of tents are the capacity, water tightness of the bottom of the tent and its walls, and its weight. Quite reliable and suitable for a trip to the mountains can be considered a tent, which waterproofness of the bottom is from 5000 mm of water column, and of the walls – 3000 mm.

  • Sleeping bag

In the proper sleeping bag, it should be comfortable to sleep in your underwear. If you start to freeze at night – the sleeping bag is picked up incorrectly. During the trek, keep sleeping bags so that they are not dampened and wet (in polyethylene or thermos-bags), and in case they are damp – dry them in the wind and sun.

  • Lanterns

Take one per person. It is more convenient to use headlamps. In this case, when performing several tasks, you will have both hands free, and you will be able to highlight the needed place just by turning your head. Before a hike, be sure to check the condition of the batteries for the lamps.

  • Knives

Knives in campaigns are needed mainly in cooking. The length of the knife blade 8-11 cm is enough. Folding knives with several additional items are the most convenient and practical, as a can opener, corkscrew and awl are there as well.

  • Tableware

In a hike, the dishes are divided into two types: general and individual. Individual are from which you eat and drink, and the general are in which everything is prepared. The individual set of dishes consists of a bowl, a mug and a spoon. Common utensils are, as a rule, a set of bowlers, in which food and drinks are prepared. They should be preferably with lids.

  • Food and water

It is common to have three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. In order to properly plan and organize the purchase of foodstuffs, it is worth discussing in advance and making a menu for all the days of the conceived hike. In order to avoid trouble with health, water of doubtful quality before drinking should be boiled well. Making hot / warm food is an important part of proper nutrition in the hike. Food can be cooked using different burners, or in the old manner – over the campfire.

Going To The Mountains. Travel Tips.

  1. Hygiene and medicine

For hygiene activities during the hike, remember to bring toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, wipes, toilet paper and a small towel. In the aid kit, there should be painkillers, medicine for indigestion, bandage, antiseptic, antihistamines, elastic roller, and various patches.

  1. Clothes and shoes for hiking in the mountains

It is better to be dressed in tight long pants and a shirt with long sleeves. This must be done even in the heat, as there are many insects and snakes in the mountains. In addition, there are numerous prickly plants. For the feet you need comfortable, but at the same time, serviceable shoes. High sneakers or mountain boots are best suited.

Going To The Mountains. Travel Tips.

Do not forget about the golden rule of climbers: you cannot lose altitude in the mountains. To change the route, try to walk on the same level as it was done before. Otherwise, you may simply not have enough strength to complete the trip. Following all these rules and advice, your holiday in the mountains will leave you only the best memories!

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