How To Successfully Market Your Indie Game On A Limited Budget

How To Successfully Market Your Indie Game On A Limited Budget

The indie games industry is heating up right now, especially after great titles like the Doki Doki Literature Club, Detention, Cosmic Express, and Night in the Woods gained a massive following last year. More studios and independent game developers are creating their own games, making 2018 an interesting year TodayKos.

Making and publishing indie games is only the beginning. For a game to become well-known and played by thousands, marketing is needed. For a lot of indie game developers, a low marketing budget is a serious obstacle, which is why we are going to look at how to successfully market your indie game in this article.

Reach Out to Gamers

Influencer marketing is a part of many big studios’ marketing strategy, but it is also a strategy that indie developers can lean on when it comes to marketing their games. A lot of gamers love to try new games and will be more than happy to promote the ones they like.

Marketing to popular gamers is easy to do. Invest in developing a closer relationship with them and be sure to send demos and pre-release copies to influential gamers before the actual launch. The exposure you get in return is certainly well worth the investment.

Gameplay Videos

WowYar Video marketing is another great way to market indie games when you’re on a limited budget. Gameplay videos and cut-scenes attract a lot of attention on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. As long as you put a compelling game in front of the right audience, you’ll gain massive exposure in no time.

Of course, you want your gameplay videos to be unique. You can combine this approach with influencer marketing by creating Let’s Play videos that the audience will love.

Ads for Traction

Ads are still one of the best ways to gain traction when doing digital marketing. Even better, today’s advertising networks offer affordable ways to advertise your new game to a highly targeted audience.

Targeting is important when placing ads on a limited budget. You want every ad to generate the most impact, which is why you need to fine-tune your targeting to include aspects such as interest and age. The more refined your ads are, the more traction you gain in return.

Don’t Forget SEO

Do a quick Google search for the phrase “indie games 2018,” and you will see popular titles such as The Last Night and Goblets appearing at the top of search results. Google now displays a section for frequently mentioned video games, movies, and music to attract their users.

So, how can your indie game appear in this section? Your game needs to be mentioned on relevant, high-profile sites. You can turn to a professional link building service to boost your indie game’s exposure. Remember that relevance is the key here; you want gaming sites and blogs to be giving a shout-out to your game to push it to the top.

These strategies can be executed effectively even when you are on a limited budget. You’ve created a fantastic game that players will love; now is time to get that game to the right players. Sites like Movablemark will help you in regards technology,

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