The State Of The “Art” In Canvas Printing

Imagine decorating your home with artwork you created yourself.

Not an artist?  No problem!

These days, even a cherished old photo can become an amazing work of art with the technology available to a leading-edge large-format printing company.

A picture you snapped yourself… or a family photo was done at a sitting with a professional photographer… even a collage of photos from an important event (a wedding, a graduation party, or a family holiday gathering) can be printed on canvas and mounted on a frame to become a unique, one-of-a-kind decoration or gift no one will ever forget.

If you can imagine it, chances are, your professional large-format printer can make it a reality.  Today’s technology enables the creation of things that could only be the stuff of dreams a few short years ago.

Advances In Printing Technology Give New Life To Your Creativity

When it comes to what can be accomplished in large-format canvas printing, your options are now nearly limitless.

In fact, your canvas printer might even welcome the challenge of helping you create something no one ever thought about before!

Today, there’s a much wider variety available of materials, canvases, and the like to serve as media for your visual artistry.

And the equipment and software used to create these products have advanced far beyond what was thought possible just a few years ago.  The technology is ever-changing, and large-format printers work hard to keep up with the latest trends in machines, programming, and materials.

In many ways, that’s the fun part of the business!

So go ahead: dream big, and bring your inspiration and ideas to your large-format printer.  Challenge him to make the most of your vision!

Try Decorating With These Fun Ideas

  • Got a budding artist in the family?  Bring those crayon masterpieces to the printer’s shop, and tell them you want to turn them into a Wall Of Fame in your home.  You can have those works of art digitally enhanced, printed in the highest possible resolution on fine canvas material, and stretched and mounted on a sturdy frame, ready for display!
  • They say a picture’s worth a thousand words… why not use both pictures and words?  Your large-format printer can superimpose graphics and display type on your image, giving you a real “multi-media” work of art you’ll be proud of for years to come.
  • What about a beautiful photo canvas-printed and used as a tabletop spread, either for a dramatic effect at a large family gathering or as part of an eye-popping trade-show display?
  • You could even have your images turned into a canvas banner or flag.  Think your son or daughter would be proud to see their own original art stuck to the front of the fridge?  How about flown as a flag out on the front porch, for the whole neighborhood to admire?

You can rely on your large-format printer for much more than you may have thought.  With today’s advances in technology and software, there really is no limit to what can be accomplished with visual creativity.  Bring in your dreams… and let your printer help them become realities!

This is a guest post by Tim Eunice, the owner of The Visual Edge Signs and Designs a signs a graphics company in Denver.

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