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Leave The Leaves: 5 Transparent Ways Of Protecting Your Gutters

Leave The Leaves: 5 Transparent Ways Of Protecting Your Gutters

The accumulation of leaves in your gutters is not just inconvenient, but it can also cause damage to your roof, siding, gutter system, and even to your foundation.

Indeed, cleaning out gutters is a messy and unpleasant job. But here are some forms of protection to keep the gutters clean and free from destructive debris, also to reduce the amount of time you consume in cleaning the gutters.

Trim Tree Branches

This intense measure is your ideal step to keep the leaves from being blown onto and falling on the roof of your house or into the gutters. Consider trimming branches of the trees which are facing towards your roof, and cut them back for at least eight feet apart from the edge.

Though the opposite side of the trees may profess less threat, trim the twigs on the backside as well, to minimize the risk of moving leaves and debris from blowing towards your roof.

Schedule Gutter Cleaning

Leaves are difficult to clean out. Whether it’s from moisture or sap, fallen leaves will cling to every surface.

If at any moment there are ruins such as twigs, pine-needles, or even a lost small ball in your gutters, leaves will still cling on it as well as the other debris that will eventually collect until a large group forms and blocks your gutters.

To prevent this from happening, consider cleaning and inspecting your drains on a weekly basis. If you notice something unusual in your gutters, do not wait for the day of your scheduled cleaning, clean it right away.

Sweep Roofs Regularly

Cleaning your gutters usually requires a high ladder and a little help from a family member. While keeping your roof free of debris, it’is also necessary for maintaining your roofs clear.

This method may seem like a high-climbing game, but there are effective tools that will be useful for this job. Consider visiting the nearest home and garden center in your area and ask about a roof-rake that is appropriate for the material of your roof. This pole-like and easy-to-use tool is a life-saver to keep the leaves off of the roof.

Prevent Pests from Entering

Leave The Leaves: 5 Transparent Ways Of Protecting Your Gutters

Have you ever noticed of a useful-looking cluster of leaves within the gutters of your homes? Or probably you have seen a leaf-nest. Though we all know that some birds manage to take twigs when it comes to the structure of their homes, some species combine leaves to the mix.

But birds are not just the sole culprits, squirrels also are builders of leaf-nests, and are notorious in creating nests in rain spouts.

To prevent this scene, you may want to invest in eco-friendly rodent and bird repellents for your gutters. These can be decoy predators such as life-like owls or offensive smells and sound waves to prevent birds and squirrels from entering.

Install Gutter Guards

The most efficient way to keep leaves from invading your gutter system is to prevent all entry with gutter guards that fit your installation. Gutter guard system comes in aluminum and vinyl options but also depends upon your current gutter preference and set-up.

The structure has a mesh-like cover that lets rainwater to enter the gutters and conveniently flow towards the downspouts while holding leaves at bay. The Gstore or your local home and garden shop will have an answer for this as well.


Good gutters are an essential part of our home since they prevent the rainwater from entering the house. And as a homeowner, consider the options listed above for cleaning your rain spouts, for your gutters to last for a long time and provide you their best performance.

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