Styling Tips That Men To Do In 2023

We all know that some fashion trends come and go and some stay for longer than others. The thing is with men’s fashion, some things stay the same and that is how to style your outfit. People try to change their style too much and try too many trends at once. In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step guide for styling your outfit in 2023. 

Simplicity Is Key

First on the list is keeping it simple. Too many people will wear multiple colours in one outfit and it just looks odd. The less the better, especially with your outfit. 

It has become a modern trend for many people, both men and women, to wear the same colour for their outfits. For example, women will wear a black dress with a black coat and black shoes. Men can also do the same with their outfits. They can wear a cheap mens hoodie with a pair of cargo pants that are the same colour as well as their shoes. 

Shoes Are Key

Back in the early 50s and 60s you could tell a man was stylish with the shoes they wore. Additionally, that is the same in today’s age. If they are wearing shoes or trainers which don’t go well with their outfit, they probably lack taste in fashion. Once they get their footwear correct, it is a game changer for the rest of the outfit. 

Don’t Wear Creased Clothing

We cannot stress enough how much creased clothing ruins an outfit. It could be a dressy shirt, a formal shirt or even a t-shirt. If it is creased too much, we can guarantee that it will ruin your overall outfit and that is the last thing you want to do, especially if you have everything else correct with your outfit. Stop being lazy and give yourself five or ten minutes to iron your clothes before you wear them out in public.


In the last five years, mens jewellery has become common to wear. That includes a ring, chan/necklace or even bracelets. Fashion jewellery is very much on trend at the moment because not only is it affordable but it also complements your outfit. It adds that little extra to your outfit to take it to another level. Honestly, you will not regret buying jewellery. 

Another thing with jewellery is that you can wear one piece or multiple pieces. Layering jewellery is very much on trend for both men and women however you need to ensure you are doing it correctly. We suggest you wear jewellery that is all the same material or colour. Additionally, you can wear simple pieces with one statement piece which stands out from the rest. 

Don’t Let Your Hair Fall Behind

Doing your hair shows that you are putting effort into how you look. Furthermore, it adds that little bit extra to your overall style. Not to mention the confidence you carry when your hair is styled to how you want. If your confidence is ever down, all you need to do is style and then you will notice a difference.

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