90’s Grunge Picks To Make Your Wardrobe Edgier

90’s Grunge fashion has been back in style recently. On the recent runways in Paris, many of the designers were using throwbacks from the 90s grunge scene in a lot of their designs. Alternative fashion is increasingly becoming a mainstream fashion trend. But how can you start to create your edgy wardrobe? These grunge staple pieces will help you create a timeless, edgy look, inspired by Stevie Nicks and Hayley Williams. 


Combat Boots

Heavy black combat boots are a major staple in alternative fashion. There are many benefits to wearing boots as well- they are great for supporting your feet. They can also be paired with many different items, from long skirts, mini skirts, jeans and dresses. Get Dr Martens for a timeless pair of boots that won’t wear down easily. 


Heavy Silver Jewellery

One of the major staples of alternative fashion is lots of heavy silver jewellery. Many rock stars wear a ring on each finger, with a lot of different designs. Natural ring designs such as leaves and flowers are especially popular. Gemstones such as opals and rubies also compliment the alternative look perfectly. Wear as many necklaces as possible for the ultimate gothic look.


Long Skirts

Long skirts are a great way to look more grunge. Stevie Nicks was iconic for her floaty dark costumes on stage. 90’s whimsi-goth has also returned to the fashion world recently, and long skirts are a staple of that particular fashion movement. Long skirts in fabrics such as lace and velvet really convey an alternative vibe. For a whimsi-goth look, try a skirt with sun/moon print. 


Oversized Band T Shirt

You can’t really go wrong with an oversized band t-shirt. Have a look for your favourite alternative bands’ merch and get it just a few sizes up. Baggy, comfy streetwear looks are massively back in style. This will really give you an awesome ‘I’m with the band’ look. You can pair these t-shirts with black jeans, combat boots, and an oversized leather jacket for a chic casual alternative look. 


Black Leather Jacket

These jackets not only keep you warm in winter but are a 90s grunge staple. They are incredibly versatile, meaning you can pair them with almost anything in your wardrobe. For an even edgier look, put pins on your leather jacket. You can wear these with a black mini skirt, tights, black t-shirt and boots for an everyday look. 



Are you a fan of the more gothic look? Corsets are a great way to achieve this, and corset tops have been in fashion for a while now. They go with almost anything, which means this is a good staple to have. Having a wardrobe with pieces you can mix and match is a really great way to have a cohesive look every day. These look particularly great with a long lace skirt and boots. 


Beat-Up Converse

Have some old, black converse that you don’t wear anymore? Dig them back out of the wardrobe! These are an iconic look on the grunge scene. Pair them with some wide leg black jeans and an oversized t-shirt for a casual look. 

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