The Streetwear Trends To Expect In 2023

Streetwear has been a common fashion trend for many years now Furthermore, it has continued to be a massive trend throughout covid-19 and after the pandemic. It seems to be more popular as the years pass. However, it has changed a lot since this trend began in the 1980s with the surfer and skateboard community. The question is, what will the fashion trends be in 2023 as well as what the streetwear community will wear? 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have been on-trend for the last few years and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Furthermore, there are two types of cargos that you can wear. One of them is cargo joggers and the other is cargo pants. It depends on the individual with what they prefer. 

Generation Z has taken to the cargo pants trend in the last few years and they get more common by the day. Additionally, there are many ways you can style this amazing outfit. Oversized tees, oversized hoodies or even crop tops can be worn. 

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are another great addition to the streetwear style. These are one of the biggest trends of 2022 and we can certainly expect them to be worn throughout 2023. Celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid are the reason for this stunning fashion trend and we love it. 

In the streetwear community, the maxi skirt is often matched with the top. For example, if they choose to wear a denim skirt, they will likely wear a denim top as well. Almost like it comes as a two-piece set. 

Varsity Jackets

Another trend in the last two years is varsity jackets and we all love this particular style that people are wearing. The varsity jacket will typically be a bomber jacket and there are a couple of ways this can be styled. 

Some people will fasten the buttons to the top to cover what is underneath. Others will wear it unfastened with a hoodie underneath to add another layer to the outfit. For the girls, they will wear a varsity jacket with either a crop top or a t-shirt underneath. 


Although this is not an all-year-round trend, it is still loved by many, especially those in the streetwear community. It is the perfect jacket for the winter months and is worn by many people in the United Kingdom. 

Many brands design fantastic fleece jackets and jumpers. One of those brands that design fantastic fleece jackets includes The North Face. This brand is well-known in the streetwear community and has collaborated with some of the fashion giants such as Gucci and Supreme. They promise fashionable and high-quality clothing so it is worth every single penny. 

To Conclude

There you have it, four streetwear trends which we have seen this year and expect to carry over into the new year. Fleece jackets, maxi skirts, varsity jackets and cargo pants have all flourished during 2022, especially with luxury streetwear which is why we expect to see them throughout 2023.

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