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Where Are The Best Locations To Open Up A Bar?

There’s something everyone should know before opening up a new bar.


While opening up a bar isn’t as fun or exciting as it might seem, there should always be serious thought and debates on a few things before you dive right in, such as the location. You could have the best beer, amazing modern never seen before decor and amazing staff but if it’s in the wrong location, none of that will matter. The rule should be learnt that a bar is in an area with sufficient foot traffic, around the demographic that your bar appeals to, clear visibility and easily accessible to people. 

That will come with some extensive research for example, if you’re designing your bar to appeal to a fresh new demographic you need to be in a place where they are going such as a city centre. Not only should demographic wants and needs be taken into consideration, but also the competition in the area. It would be hard to open your bar near to one that offers the same experience, therefore find out what they are missing and add that your bar experience. For example, if there are multiple sports bar, relaxed casual bars etc you want to have something different such as live music on fridays this could put you in a position for success amongst your competitors. 

Here are some examples of where to locate a bar in hope to inspire and guide your choices: 


Your Local City Centre 

Although this may seem obvious at first, if you are extremely familiar with your local city centre you have the advantage of understanding what it has to offer and what it’s missing out on. Additionally, you’re surrounded by your target audience asking for opinions here and there and can give the information you want without having to look for secondary sources. 

This can give you further advantages on opening night, as you are surrounded by your family and friends, word-of-mouth and free promotion will help promote your business before you’ve even opened the doors. 


Shopping Centres

You might think it’s just for large chains and shops, however, it’s not so uncommon with the advantage of being around large areas of footfall. It pops the idea into people’s heads before they’ve even thought of it. For example, some shopping centres in the UK offer bars that add to the experience they are already provided. 

Not to mention it’s located in a safe, secure building, and offers a service to people who come to travel. It gives them an opportunity to put their feet up and enjoy a drink.  


Little Village 

This idea might not appeal to everyone, but depending on the sort of bar you want to offer a little village might benefit from something like this, in some areas it can get all the same, therefore, when something new opens it can be exciting and draw a lot of people and attention. Researching your competitors is important, you don’t want to open the same bar next to one that’s been loved and adored by your audience, think about the wants and needs of that area and the demographics. 

Overall, the most important thing is to research and don’t make any rash decisions. Take into account secondary research but don’t be afraid to ask people yourself. 

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