Embrace the Baggy, the Comfy and Boldness of Streetwear

Streetwear has become a behemoth trend within the fashion industry. It is a very different type of aesthetic to trends that have been around in the past. It is harder to find something that links this with trends of the past, which followed much more similar characteristics to one another. Instead, streetwear seems to announce a new epoch of fashion, one that does not play by the same rules as trends of the past. One that isn’t dared to be different, and its followers don’t seem to be either. If you’re set in your non-streetwear ways then you’re probably starting to feel the heat be turned on you a bit. But don’t despair. Here’s three golden rules to help kickstart your streetwear wardrobe.

  • The baggier the better

This side of streetwear can be the side that can take a bit of practice, and might involve a bit of trial and error, especially if shopping online. Streetwear general style is to be big and baggy, but of course there is different types of bagginess and finding the right fit for you can be tricky. As you don’t just want to look like a big blob, and you want some sort of definition. But then you have to be careful not to go too far the other way and end up having something that is tight fitting, as this will not fit the streetwear aesthetic, and streetwear clothes are not designed to be worn this way

  • Make comfort a priority

Streetwear is all about comfort. Both on the outside and inside. If you are able to find a nice set of streetwear clothing that is comfortable to wear and makes you feel comfortable, then you are onto a winner. Streetwear can vary massively and not all of it is for everyone. Due to some of the larger brands, and some of the brand loyalty, you may feel pressured to get something due to everyone else getting it, make sure though that it is what suits you and the look you want to go for. The global movement toward streetwear was people turning their back on those fashion brands who believed they were too big to topple. So don’t feel you have to go with the biggest brands when choosing streetwear.

  • Be bold (but not too bold)

Brands such as Blood Brother, offer bold new items, which make a statement just on their own. And the ‘on their own’ part is key here. You should try and find a piece of clothing that truly stands out and match it with more neutral types of streetwear that allows the big branded piece to stand out. This allows your look to not become overcrowded, and will naturally draw attention to that one outstanding piece of clothing.

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