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6 Reasons why it’s ideal to call an expert for a Garage Door Repair

80% of the homes in the US have a garage or a carport. Hence, the chances of you having a garage door are bright. It’s possibly also the reason why you are reading this article, you have a garage door that is acting up, and you’re looking for reasons why you need a professional for repairing it.

You can fix it yourself too. However, that move can jeopardize your safety. Even if you attempt to brush your safety to the sidelines, know that fixing your door ups its chances of getting damaged again.

In this context, let’s walk you through six reasons why it is ideal to call a professional for repairing your garage door.

  1. It is for the best of your safety

Safety is the foremost reason why it is always best to hire an expert. A survey by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System highlighted that more than 13,000 people visited hospitals with injuries caused by garage doors in a year.

Most of these injuries were attributed to malfunctioning doors. However, several were also suffered by DIYers trying to save money and taking over the garage door repair work. Several parts of the garage door consist of heavy components. So, unless you know how to handle the heavy parts, you should call in a certified service person for your garage door needs.

A professional is an expert

When you fix your garage door, there is an increased likelihood that you would succeed, only to find yourself in the same problem in a couple of days again. In other words, garage door re-repairs become the norm when you try to fix the problem yourself.

In contrast, a professional garage door repair service provider is an expert in the repair work. He knows what he is doing so he will rectify your garage door’s problems adequately, taking all the safety measures as well.

The work comes with a warranty

A warranty means allows you to get free work done for a certain period. So, let’s suppose, your garage door shows some problem immediately after a repairman fixes it, you can call back the professional service provider and discuss the issue with him.

For the work that is covered with a warranty, the professional that you hired will do it free of cost. However, if something happens after a warranty expires, then you will have to pay for the services. A golden tip here is to ensure that you check about the warranty before hiring a professional.

Saves time and money too

Figuring out how to correct the problem with your garage door is a time-consuming process if you don’t have the know-how of the trade. Plus, experimenting with solutions that you think can solve the problem can also cost you money. Since most of us don’t have time and value our hard-earned money, it is a better option to hire a professional.

A professional can inspect the garage problem right away and fix it properly. Therefore, saving both your time and money. On top of that, working with a professional service has become very easy. You only need to Google keywords such as Garage Door Repair Plano TX, or ‘garage door repair near me.’

increased odds of compromising your garage door

There are also instances when you think that you have fixed a garage door problem. If it closes almost all the way, it has to be correct, right? Unfortunately, this is wrong. A garage door that looks proper does not mean that all problems are sorted.

Instead, faulty repair work can birth more serious problems. For instance, if the insulation is wasted or so, then you may have encouraged an increase in your cooling and heating costs as heat escapes or enters your house via your broken garage door.

Boosts your house value

Lastly, a well-maintained garage door can add to the value of your house. Garage doors have been ranked in the top three home improvement works where the investment is recouped through the boost in home value.

What’s more, realtors have increased the prices of a house with a new garage door between 1-4%. In other words, if you invest an amount of $2,000 on a new door, you can reap advantages as the new garage door can multiply your house’s value by almost $8,000 if you have a $200,000 home.

Take home message

Put simply, your garage doors deserve proper maintenance and repair work. On average, a residential garage door opens and closes 1,500 times annually. Wear, tear, and faults are, therefore, common. Since fixing the problem yourself can sip on your time, energy, money, and safety, it is best to call an expert for your garage door repair.


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