Some Tips and Essentials for a Student Wardrobe.

When you start at university, your clothes. can be one of the last things on your mind. So here are a few tips and suggestions to help out with your student wardrobe.

If you are moving quite far away from home and won’t be home until Christmas, you’ve got to factor in how the weather will change over your first term. So make sure to pack your winter wardrobe for when November/December comes. All these types of clothes you can leave stored in your suitcase and tucked away when you first arrive, and can settle in properly before you need to work out where they can all go.

Speaking of unpacking, it is important you know how large your student room is going to be. In the majority of cases, your student halls will be a lot smaller than your bedroom at home. Therefore, make sure you have at least some sort of idea what the space and storage of your new room is going to be so that you can work out how much you can pack and what you must leave behind.

If you notice a gap in your wardrobe, and it is only one or two things. It might be worth waiting until university starts, as many places in towns with universities will have student promotions, such as lock ins and student only nights when terms start to help shift stock. Of course, shop around, afterall you are now a frugal student. So, don’t try and go mad on the student finance, it can not always be helped, but maybe limit the amount of clothes you will get per instalment of loan, rather than when your bank reaches a certain level, as the time in between student loans can feel like an eternity if you overspend at the beginning.

In terms of footwear, everyone has their own style to go about in. But inside halls, mens and womens sliders will be seen everywhere. They are perfect for showers, especially as many halls the showers can be shared between quite a large amount of people. They’re also great for lounging about in, and can be good for those 9am lectures you might oversleep and need to get out in a rush.

Finally, make use of charity shops. They are of course quite cheap, but at the same time the quality and diversity of what you can get is amazing. Plus, charity shops are great for Halloween or other costume related fun, and can help you put together a fancy dress costume without breaking the bank.

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