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Fat reduction through invasive methods can be unsafe because it usually causes infections, damages underlying structures including subcutaneous vessels and nerves, bruising and edema (fluid accumulation). Thanks to science, unwanted fat removal has become easier and safer. Following are five non-invasive, safe fat removal techniques:


 Laser Liposuction:

The conventional liposuction technique that uses a catheter to remove unwanted fat can bring about many unwanted and harmful effects. In comparison to that, laser liposuction is very safe and even cheaper.

As the name itself suggests, a laser is used to target unwanted fat cells from the adipose (fatty) tissue. The technique uses heat producing fiber optic light or laser that basically liquefies the layer of unwanted fat. The liquefied cells are then a responsibility of the body’s lymphatic system that absorbs them.

Everyone grows old with time and with us, our body grows old as well. Another advantage of this technique is collagen restructuring of the skin which improves skin elasticity (makes the skin taut) and delays the effects of old age on the skin.

Vanquish ME:

Vanquish ME is another FDA approved body contouring procedure by BLT Aesthetics Ltd. It is a ontcactless technique in which the Vanquish Flex applicator emits radio-frequency waves over the targeted region. BLT Aesthetics remove adipocytes even in the hard reached regions of the body. The system automatically determines the setting required based on fat deposition in each individual. The radio-frequency waves cause apoptosis (programmed cell death) of the adipocytes. It can be performed on all body types (even fit people with little fat in certain areas). The heat producing waves also result in the stimulation of collagen restructuring process that leads to taut skin and eliminates the dimpled skin effect.


CoolSculpting Indianapolis, a medical weight loss center in Richmond that claims to target fat cells by an FDA (food and drug administration) cleared technique called fat-freezing. Reportedly, there is a 20% to 25% reduction in fat. The target areas’ temperature is dropped under controlled conditions to a level at which the fat-storing cells (the adipocytes) die. The dead adipocytes are then gradually removed by the liver. The procedure has a low recovery time and you can resume work almost immediately after it. Results start to appear within a few weeks. The doctors try and understand the patient’s concerns and work as a team to produce results the patient desires by addressing each patient individually. The whole treatment plan revolves around you and the area which you choose for the doctors to work on.

Cool Sculpting also provides clarity and transparency in their pricing. You can go through an easy process of online appointment and move closer to your goal of a perfect body.


Zerona is a non-invasive, cold fat loss laser that was originally designed to assist the traditional liposuction procedure but it proved to be efficient enough to be used alone. This procedure is FDA approved too and uses the Erchonia Laser Scanner. This low-level laser technology emulsifies fat i.e., causes the release of cellular contents of adipocytes by plasma membrane rupture into the interstitial compartment. This membrane disruption is called transitory pore and it doesn’t attack or harm capillaries or other cells.

It causes no pain and hence doesn’t require anesthesia. There is no bruising and the patient can resume normal activities right after the procedure.

Individual results may vary but according to a randomized survey conducted in the US, about 3.72-inch waistline, hips and thigh loss on average was observed in clients.


Syneron Medical Ltd launched VelaSmooth in the UK in 2005. It uses infrared and radio-frequency energy with tissue mobilization and pulsed vacuum. It is sometimes used after the liposuction procedure to improve its results. It is said to be the first clinically proven device that reaches deep fat tissue and reduces cellulite. It has a radio-frequency output of 20W and increases the BMR (basal metabolic rate) of adipose tissue. The radio-frequency waves increase oxygen diffusion at the cellular level to a depth of 5-15mm, the infrared light increases the temperature of subcutaneous fat to a depth of 5mm and increased skin elasticity whereas the tissue mobilization soothes out the skin.


Everyone’s body is different. Some have more unusual fat and others have normal fat. All fat reduction methods do not work the same way for every individual and might produce certain side effects in some too. Before considering a non-invasive fat removal method, study the procedure thoroughly, go through its pros and cons and then decide. Taking a balanced diet during and after the procedure can improve results. If you don’t see results right away, don’t panic. It will take some time. For some, it might take a month, while it can take 2 to 3 months for others.

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