4 Ways Mixed Martial Arts Can Help You Keep Fit

There are many platforms out there that help an individual be their healthier and fitter self. Be it a high intensity strength training, Karate, Yoga, boxing, judo or mixed martial arts, they all have their own way of helping one reach their goal of total fitness and strength.

Mixed martial art is a discipline that combines the tactics of boxing and wrestling with the mindfulness of martial arts. Mixed martial art comes with the abundance of benefits that not only help you maintain your inner peace but also physically be in the body you have always wanted. There are many ways to learn mixed martial arts, one of the best is to enroll yourself in a College MMA program that can help build your whole body up, strengthen your weak points and get you in the best shape of your life. Here are some of the ways mix martial arts can help you stay fit and lead a healthy and fulfilling life;

Better inside and out

Someone who looks good on the outside might not necessarily be just as healthy from the inside. The outer health and shape of the body mostly depends on how much work that certain area on the body is doing or how much exercise and work you’re putting into your routine to get that desired shape but the inner health is a lot different than that. It doesn’t depend on how much you’re eating or how often you’re eating, it all comes down to what and sometimes food is not enough to relieve your body of the diseases it can succumb to. When a person works out, the immune system is activated. It triggers the production of more white blood cells which protect the body against viruses and bacteria and you get sick less often.

When you exercise, your muscles contract which force the lymph nodes to pump out the toxins more effectively that make your skin healthy and less puffy.

There are many other diseases like dementia, depression, cancer and a number of cardiovascular diseases that mixed martial arts can prevent in the long run.

Full Body Workout

Many sports require a certain group of muscles that play the most part. Like swimmers use their shoulders and back, cyclists use their legs and soccer players mostly depend on the lower body muscles but MMA fighters use their lower body, upper body and abs to get through their routine. With all the combined techniques, an MMA routine is designed specifically to target all major and minor muscle groups. It drives your body to use each and every inch of it to get the most out from the training. It not only helps you build muscle and strengthen is but also improve your reflexes and muscle memory. Which means that practicing moves and techniques enough times can get you on you’re a game real quick.

It not only targets muscles but also strengthens your bones and cartilages making them strong and way more flexible.

You might wonder that you can get the same full body workout at the gym as well so why pick mixed martial arts instead? The reason is the exercise combinations and the daily commute gets monotonous. Even if you enjoy your time at the gym, once you’ve gotten the hang of the exercises, you’ll always know what you’re getting with no element of surprise. Mix martial art keeps things interesting and you might never get bored. Every time you go in, there’s always something new for you.

Faster Calorie Burn

How much calories do you burn on a daily with your high intensity interval training or cardio? 200 or 300 tops sometimes in two hours whereas MMA burns around 590 calories within 45 minutes and that’s no exaggeration. 590 is just a starting number. As you increase the level of intensity you burn around 620 to 700 calories in the same time and that’s way better and more exciting than running on a boring old treadmill. Your total body muscle use is increased in MMA that a treadmill does not come near to. Not only is MMA time efficient and gives you faster and better results, it’s quite enjoyable.

More energy, More confidence

There’s no doubt that however you feel on the inside reflects on the outside. Many people get tuckered out as soon as they get out of the gym but martial arts fires your body and brain after the training and with each step you take you’re filled with more energy. Your brain releases endorphins that overall make you energetic and happy. Seeing results every day after practice and learning new skills fills you with a sense of accomplishments and makes you feel much more comfortable and confident in your skin than ever before.

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