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The Danger Of Processed Fruit Juice

The Danger Of Processed Fruit Juice

If you are a health conscious individual, you will likely bypass the soda section and choose the fruit juice shelves instead. When you arrive at the place, you will likely find rows after rows of products that are supposedly made from fresh grape, apple, orange, pineapple and others. However, if you think that these products are healthy, then you should stop right there. It’s probably true that a package of fruit juice is better than a can of soda, but it is not exactly in the healthy category. You should know that it is likely for fruit juice products to be loaded with so much sugar. In fact, it is possible that the amount of sugar is equal to typical soda. A serving of 16oz cola, could contain up to 13 teaspoons of sugar. It is likely that orange or apple juice also contain the same amount of sugar. It means that you can’t presume that these products are entirely healthy. Imagine if you see someone buy a cup of coffee and pour 13 packets of sugar into it. You will be disgusted. If you think this way, then you know that there’s something wrong with the fruit juice.

There’s a good chance that fruit juice products are equally bad, because you can consume more than 10 teaspoon of sugar with 16oz of fruit juice products. However, marketing advertisement may convince you that these products are good for your health. The marketing message could be smart enough that they provide an informative infographic. They may give a graphical illustration of how much fruit needed to make a single package of juice. However, they will likely omit the amount of sugar needed to make the product taste good. It means that you will have sugar spike after consuming an amount of fruit juice product. It is important for you to know about the bitter truth related to sugar. Another problem is that fruit juices no longer have dietary fiber. Natural presence of dietary fiber in fresh juice should reduce the absorption of sugar. This suppresses insulin and we will feel full faster and longer. An actual pomegranate acai smoothie could provide a whopping 50 grams of dietary fiber, while the fruit juice version can provide nearly none.

It also means that the fruit juice products will becomes a harmful sugar bomb. As the blood sugar level in your body increase and all the dietary fiber is stripped, the insulin response will soar. You should know that how our responds to sugar will change, if dietary fiber is removed.  With the presence of dietary fiber, it means that half of the sugar in fresh fruit is glucose, while the rest is fructose, By removing dietary fiber from the equation, it will become 100 percent fructose. The metabolism process of fructose happens only in liver. It means that energy isn’t immediately produced and fat is created, causing a state of insulin resistance to occur. This condition contributes to the higher risk of diabetes.

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