Train Journeys For Women: Points You Need To Know!

Train Journeys For Women: Points You Need To Know!

No matter how advanced the world becomes, it is important to stay alert and informed. Today, females are progressing in every field, but when it comes to crime, they still become the victim. When talking about traveling, things can become really troublesome for women if they don’t stay alert. Of course, they are mature, beautiful, strong and confident but alertness is a tool that should be in everybody’s toolbox.

Being a solo female traveler, you keep things in mind, and you even check Pnr status, the routes and different other things, but it is always good to keep yourself equipped with more and more points and tips. There are some things that you have to swallow and some that you have to understand. Have a look below.

Attention Would be there Always!

You have to accept the thing that you would draw attention as a female traveling alone and the possibility becomes double if you don’t look Indian.  It has been seen that the lighter your hair and skin, the more attention you might draw. There are various things that you can do to reduce the attention and kind of attention, but don’t forget that you would still be stared at. Staring is not really believed to be rude, so it is something that you would have to accept.  It would be good if you don’t directly return male gazes as this is believed to be an invitation. Sunglasses can be much help for this.

Similarly, it is true that you have the right to wear what you want to wear and how you want to wear it. But when you are traveling in public transport specially trains, it is good if you wear clothes tactfully. Do dress conservatively, it means covering up would definitely help reduce attention to a great extent. It means wearing loose-fitting dresses that cover your legs and arms down to the elbows. It is nowhere about limiting your freedom or right to wear whatever you like; it is about staying safer. After all, goons are everywhere in the world.

Plan Everything Well in Time!

As a solo woman traveler, you want to evade looking lost or confused in the public. You would find that you get much less hassle in case you look confident, even if you are not feeling it. When you give the look that you know where you are going, things get much better for you.  Don’t forget that train travel is not a cake walk so book tickets well in advance. If you know where you are going and which platform you are to take the train from; you would take care of yourself in a great manner. There is no need to give an impression that you don’t have any idea about the train or the platform you are standing at. But yes, if you are going to a new place, it would be good if you go there for the first time during the daytime. Avoid the place after it is dark.

Thus, once you have these aspects in mind, you can do traveling in train that too without any worry.

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