What Is Alkaline Lifestyle?

What Is Alkaline Lifestyle?

If we recall our chemistry lesson at high school, understanding about the concept of acid and alkaline should be quite easy. Everything is scaled between 0 and 14, with pure acid at 0 and pure alkaline at 14. Flesh-dissolving battery acid is scaled at 1, while the extremely alkaline sodium hydroxide is at 14. Our body has its own pH level and we need to keep it balanced. If our body has high level of acidity, it is a condition known as acidosis. It happens when our body has excessive amount of acid. You should know that acid is highly reactive with many molecules in our body, so it will affect us in cellular level. The inner functions of our body cells can be affected, when the surrounding pH level is high.

It is a fact that we are what we eat. As an example, coke is known as a highly acidic soft drink and it could affect the acidity of our digestive system. On the other hand, asparagus is known as an alkaline food. When we eat and drink, our body not only absorb fat, carbs, protein and nutrients, but also the acidic and alkaline molecules. They can affect the inner working of our body. Our body is able to better cope with alkaline food and it can be badly affected by the higher amount of acidic molecules. If our body becomes too acidic, it will take calcium from our bones to achieve the balance. This is not a good thing, because we will have osteoporosis and other related diseases. Our body seeks to fight back from the excessive acidity, so it is important that we can contribute by eating in a proper way.

Our body also fights back against excess acidity by increasing the internal production of cholesterol, which can surround acid for removal from the bloodstream. However, cholesterol doesn’t have the ability to remove acid from our body, instead the cholesterol-covered acid will be deposited in places like belly, thigh, butt, back of the arms and hips. These will cause enlarged fatty tissues in our body and ruin our overall appearance. Also, the excess cholesterol in our bloodstream will cause various health problems. Plaques will start to form on the blood vessel walls and the flow of blood will be restricted. Making dietary changes to maintain balanced pH level in our body should be quite straightforward. We should reduce the consumption of meat, seafood, dairy products and sugar.

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