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Why You Should Use a Pergola in Your Garden

A pergola is simply an overhead structure designed to provide a secluded shaded area great for relaxing in or storing any extra pots when you run out of plant space. Just a couple of vertical and roof beams complete the architecture which has led to many terming it as an “incomplete structure” though it’s a purposeful design made to provide optimum comfort without hindering the graceful view of the endearing plant life around it. That said, here are a couple of reasons why you should put up a pergola in your garden:

1) It enables you to partition your yard into distinctive functional spaces

You don’t need bags of cement and heaps of brick to divide your garden into sections as with a pergola you can simply have different ones for demarcating various sections such as the dining area or entertainment lounge.

2) A pergola affords privacy

If you don’t fancy enjoying the outdoor treats of your yard under the view of straying eyes from the neighbors, then a pergola is what you need. You can add side screens, latticework or drapes to make the structure more secluded.


3) Extra storage for plants

A pergola is like a combination of multiple cabinet shelves for plants as the roof beams provide ample growing space for climbing plants such as grape vines, wisteria, ivy and honeysuckle while the vertical pillars are excellent for attaching plants via boards.

4) The structures gives shelter from bad weather

Aside from providing much-needed shade during those blistering summer months, a canopy pergola can also provide protection from the elements when the weather gets a little rough.

5) A pergola adds to your home’s value

Not just in the aesthetic sense, but also from a real estate point of view. Stats have shown that by incorporating beautiful pergolas that accentuate your outdoor space, you can get up to more than a fifth of what you’d normally get without these structures if you decided to cash in. Also, they are extremely affordable setups that won’t cause a sizeable dip in your budget.

6) It compliments other structures beautifully

A pergola forms a nice precursor to other structures such as gazebos and verandas as they inject poise and an artistic edge to ordinary backyard designs. In fact, pergolas are at their aesthetic best when paired with other setups.

7) Material diversity

Vinyl, cedar and metal are some of the material choices you have at your disposal during construction and you can select the one you prefer based on your home’s style, budget and taste. You are certain to find the perfect fit for your home.

8) Installation is a piece of cake

DIY projects don’t get much simpler than building your own pergola. If you’d prefer to leave the construction to the experts, there are numerous landscaping companies that will get you a design based on the descriptions of what you need.

9) Pergolas provide a nice entertainment area

Outdoor parties can get all the more enthralling if your guests have a nice, cosy and gorgeous area to dine, relax and simply chat about random topics and that’s exactly what these alluring structures provide: the perfect outdoor entertainment lounge.

If your backyard seems a little pale, lifeless and a tad boring, it’s probably because you haven’t put up a pergola. They can turn any unappealing outdoor space into a nice haven and the upside is that they are simple to build and will cost you very little.

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