5 Ways to Style a Tank Top this Holiday Season


If as a child, someone would have told us that we would trade glamorous outfits for an old comfortable pair of sweats, we would have laughed in their face. Today as adults, we’d happily choose comfort over glamour, any time of the day. Luckily for us, our fashion industry is run by adults with the same mindset which is why they are glamourizing comfort, one piece at a time. It’s because of them that oversized sweatshirts have become a fashion statement, so we no longer have to choose between being warm and looking trendy.

Another comfortable piece of clothing which is being worn as a style statement lately is a tank top. Depending on the occasion, there are numerous ways to style it and wear it in any season. The best part is that they can be found in every wardrobe so you no longer need to be broke in order to look cute. Tank tops are a must have this season and here are 5 ways to style them:

  • Accessorize it with a cool scarf



For casual days, when you want to look great without putting in too much effort, this is the perfect look. There are many ways to carry a scarf. Just wrap a scarf around your tank top and you’re good to go. To make sure that your tank top is the center of attention, choose a scarf that doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit. Remember, you can never go wrong with a black or white tank top, so if you’re looking to play it safe then choose one of those tank tops and pair it with any scarf of your choice. You can play it safe with monochromatic scarfs or go all out with scarfs in psychedelic prints. To glamourize this look you can accessorize it with hats, jewelry or a killer pair of boots.

  • Glam it up with a kimono

Kimonos are the look of the season and we’re all for it. So when you add a tank top in the mix, you’ve got the recipe for a gorgeous outfit. The vibrant colors and patterns can make your outfit pop and that too with minimum effort. This is the perfect look for holidays and aesthetic pictures. If you’re going for a Bohemian chic look then a Kimono jacket will work wonders too. Whether you opt for jeans or shorts is entirely up to you because either way, your outfit is going to look on point and chic.

  • Go old school with overalls



There’s nothing that screams chic more than a good old pair of overalls that have become a fashion must-have by making it big on the runway. Just like tank tops, they are too found in every wardrobe which is what makes these two a match made in heaven. You can wear this outfit anywhere and everywhere and the best part is that it never goes out of style. Deciding how to style it is easy since the outfit speaks for itself and hence needs no accessorizing. However, if you’re in the mood to accessorize then you can add a simple watch or bracelets along with a nice pair of flats and you’re good to go. Sexy Tank tops for women and denim have always been an effortless pair so you can expect nothing short of amazing from this look.

  • Pair them up with skirts



If you’re not already convinced that tank tops should be your go-to option, then this is going to push your decision along. Tank tops are not just reserved for casual events; with the right styling you can easily pull them off as formal attire. To pull off this look, you can pair your tank top with a pencil skirt and a blazer for a more professional look. On the other hand, for a more casual look, you can trade your pencil skirt with a flowy maxi skirt. You can experiment with different prints and designs until you find a combination that works.

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