Planning for the perfect family outing is the best way to enjoy the summer. There are tons of activities depending on your family enjoys doing the most. Rent a lodge in one of the famous Mountain cabins. In case you prefer Europe, head down to the beach using Drive on Holidays Porto to enjoy the waves under the blue skies. Or simply set up a tent in parks where you can enjoy the sweet sound of nature. Or sleep under the stars in a caravan.


Before starting, let’s try to lay down all the things we need to prepare for when planning a trip.

BUDGET (How much do you have?)

Easily the most important factor when planning a vacation. How much are you willing to shed for this trip? Do you have enough savings to make the most of it? Of course, there will always be more “better offers” along the way. But what’s important is knowing your limit. Plan ahead. Some hotels or resorts provide discounts when you book months ahead of your planned vacation. Consider your needs when travelling. Will you be going on a long drive? Or a plane ticket is needed for the family. Spend wisely!

LOCATION (Decide where you want to go!)

This is of course, the next important factor. To some people, it’s even the most important thing to consider. That’s only a yes if they have enough money! What good would it be if you plan on spending your vacation in Hawaii if you don’t have the budget?

When considering the location, it would be wise to plan how far will it be? How many hours would be the travelling period? Choosing between the most popular ones and not have its advantages and disadvantages. The cost of staying at a well-known resort may cost you more and has probably a lot of visitors. However, if you choose to stay at a less known location, you can still get a lovely experience and less people around. Choose wisely!


As the one who plans for the family, this is probably that’ll make the trip worthwhile and enjoyable. Plan ahead! Are you going to go on an island hopping? Do it early so you can be back before the high tide gets back. Where are you going to eat lunch? Will we be able to visit the known museum near our hotel? Or buy the souvenirs for your grandparents? Everything must be planned!Now that we’ve have our plan, let’s check out some of the HOT (pun intended) destinations this summer!

1. Santa Barbara, California 

I’m a beach person so this goes on my first list! Nothing beats the laid-vibe and perfect sunny temperature down in Santa Barbara. Enjoy the breeze and calming sound of waves as your kids play at the beach. You can even try surfing here!

But not just that. This spot also provides awesome food! You name it, wineries, seafood, the usual stuff! Grab a beer and enjoy one of the best sunsets you could ever find in the US!

2. Glacier National Park, Montana

If you feel hotter than ever, try heading down to the Glacier National Park instead! The park will offer one of the nation’s most spectacular view! Your family can choose to hike around the park – it has around 700 miles of trails and about 13 camp sites. You can also choose to chill in one of the Cabin Rentals nearby. While most locations are more secluded, you’ll also enjoy lots of privacy.


Like what’s said in the beginning, we have to know what we’re really looking for as a family. Are you bringing your kids to enjoy their childhood? Perhaps a beach trip may be fun. Or are you looking for tranquillity and hopefully enjoy the nature? Again, plan and research. Most locations can be searched on the internet. Check out the photos, the prices, and the feedbacks of past visitors! Have fun!

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