Do You Like Travel Alone? Positives and Negatives of SOLO TRAVELING

Are you planning to travel? That’s so great that you could find some time for traveling. So, where to start? Don’t worry if you are not experienced in traveling. All American cities have something to show you. Do you love history and want to visit the city of Golden Triangle? No problem! Dollar rent car in Pittsburgh will give you the best car you may have for your money. It will never be a problem for you to get to the Phipps Conservatory or Carnegie Museum. Driving a car, you are free in your choice to pick any destination and any travel objects you like. So, who is coming with you?

Nobody is coming. If you are planning a solo trip, or just want to know more about it, keep reading. There are many benefits of solo traveling. And there are many people who really like traveling solo. However, it can be a long road you want to share with someone. Let’s talk about positive and negative sides of solo traveling

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What is negative?

  • Long waiting

You can wait in the airport, at the car rental spot, at the bus stop, and even in the restaurant. Waiting doesn’t seem exiting or even pleasant. It can be boring to wait for the flight for the whole night with no free WiFi and people to talk to.

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  • Watch your stuff!

It doesn’t matter how many bags you have. You should watch them all! You take care of your luggage in the airport, hotel or hostel, at the restaurant parking. Even when you are having a road trip, you should be careful with strangers, co-travelers. Don’t leave your car without all your goodies. Check your smartphone and documents. Try to rent a car to feel comfortable with all your stuff.

  • Not cheap food and hotels

The prices for hotels and hostels are different. It can be problematic to book a hotel or hostel beforehand because you may not to know for sure where and why you should stop the car. Pay attention to hostels. They are extremely cheap. But if you don’t feel comfortable living in the shared room with 10 more travelers, go to the nearest hotel. When traveling solo, you should pay full price for the hotel room. Traveling with friends, you can share the price. The same is about food. It would be great to share the price for dinner in a good restaurant than eating unhealthy fast food.

  • Getting lost in an unknown place

Have you ever experienced that feeling? Being lost is a usual situation that may happen with solo travelers when you have no one to ask for help, share your thoughts, relay on. It would be more comfortable to come out of the situation together. When you are alone, you often feel hopeless and helpless. Relax! Go to the nearest cafe, take a cup of aromatic coffee, and while you are there, ask barista about where to go.

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What is positive?

  • You travel where you want

You are free to pick any destination you like for traveling. Also, you can stop the car where you want, even in the most unexpected places, and do what you want. You are free to change your travel plan without asking others. No stresses, no hesitations. Just build up your trip according to your interests and possibilities.

  • You make many friends

When you are traveling you meet new people. Sometimes, you can make new friends and contact them after you got back home. That’s so great to have many friends from different countries. If you feel lonely, you can talk to people in the cafe or in the hostel. Ask, if you have something to ask and be ready to answer their questions. It can be very useful to make friendship with locals. They can help you to travel around the city, tell more facts about the place you are traveling through, and mark the most interesting of them. Do you want to know which concert would be the best to attend tonight? Ask locals!



  • You become stronger

Your solo trip can be challenging. There can be many unexpected situations and problems to solve. Also, you have to carry your luggage on your back, watch the road, think of the best solutions. You have to learn many things. And each and every portion of new information is worth the struggle. The things you have learnt are useful for future traveling.

  • You become original and creative

When you travel alone, you become more creative and original. You explore new places, come out of your comfort zone, trying to find the right way. Sometimes, you really have to be creative to implement the craziest of your travel ideas.

So, if you like to travel solo, you must be a person, who wants to be your own boss. You are creative, responsible, and purposeful. But it’s ok if one day you feel like you are tired of traveling alone. So, find a co-traveler. There are many positives and negatives for each kind of traveling.

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