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How Excessive Fruit Consumption Could Contribute To Heart Disease and Diabetes?

How Excessive Fruit Consumption Could Contribute To Heart Disease and Diabetes?

It is often said that eating heaps of fresh vegetables and fruits is beneficial for your body. However, our body is actually designed for balanced diet. If we are meant to be a herbivore; our body won’t be able to digest meat and absorb nutrients from it. We know that animal-based protein is beneficial for our body, especially if they are obtained from meat with lower amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. We eat to get energy and also nutrients that can’t be created internally in our body. If you think that you need to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, good protein sources and water, then you are doing it right. However, you should know that in many areas, vegetables and fruits are not easy to find and this is a reality that affected our ancestors.

For people who don’t live in tropical countries, there are fruits and vegetables that are in season. Also, fruits and vegetables must be foraged. Ancient fruits are smaller and sourer. Before selective breeding was performed, vegetables and fruits were quite rare. Obviously, there were no Royal Gala or Pink Lady apples at the time. Apples were small and much tangier. It means that fruits are meant to be that way, not sweet like what we have today. It is important to know that higher level of carbohydrates is not always a good thing. Fructose is the natural sugar that’s found in our food. Today, fruits are also chosen by their vibrant color, so they look more appealing on supermarket shelves.

Regardless of the type of the carbohydrate, it is always consisted of glucose. Our body uses glucose to create energy. In our body, glucose is metabolised into ATP and heat. ATP is a complex molecule that stores an amount of energy, which can be released, when required by our body. Even the smallest cell in our body is an incredible machine and our entire body is really a work of miracle. Whatever we do, we should properly regulate the level glucose. The level of glucose in our body is related to the release of insulin. However, compared with table sugar, our body reacts rather differently, when we consume fructose. In general, it takes longer to process fructose into usable energy. It is important to know that fructose will be converted to fat for storage.

The fat is distributed through our bloodstream as triglycerides and it is a very common type of dietary fat. It can be used by our body easily to generate enough amount of energy. However, you should know that leftover triglycerides will be stored on our body as abdominal fat and this directly related with the enlarged belly fat. You should know that diabetes and heart disease are contributed to higher level of triglycerides in our body. It’s a fact that fresh fruit is great! However, everything should be consumed in moderation and you need to make smarter choice with what you are eating.

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