Specially For Moms: TOP 5 Family Friendly Resorts In Jamaica

Specially For Moms: TOP 5 Family Friendly Resorts In Jamaica

Travelling with your family can be a big challenge for you as for a mom. You are travelling with persons of different age and needs. Everyone is hoping to have a special and enjoyable trip ever. First of all, start your journey from 12 seater rental Jamaica! Rental24h Company helps you to pick the car every family needs. What about the rest? Don’t worry about where to stay or what to do with kids. Jamaica boasts the vast number of family friendly resorts and activities for every member of the family. You can spend your time taking SPA while your kids and husband are having fun somewhere on the beach or kids’ club.

About Cars

Jamaica car travel starts with the comfort of your transportation. The territory is rather big, full of attractions here and there. It doesn’t matter whether you have a business trip or family vacation. The point is, your transportation must be comfortable. So, 12 seater Jamaica trip is the best choice for you. This means you have total flexibility and don’t have to catch taxi or wait for a bus all the time. 12 seater minibuses allow you carry 12 passengers safely and in comfort. This is great for those times when you need to carry a lot of people and enough space to store items.


About Packing

What to pack for your Jamaica trip depends on:

Who is traveling? It means much who is travelling – male, female, adults only, kids, families and their ages. As a rule, kids need more changes and much attention.

What is the weather? You cannot know the weather for sure but you can expect it to be good. Check out the weather in Jamaica.

Where will you stay? If you are travelling as a group, you may share such important things as hairdryer and others. Staying in all-inclusive hotel you don’t need to take much.

How long will you stay? Of course, the longer you stay the more stuff you need.

Any special plans? What do you plan to do? If you plan to spend the most of time on the beach, take more swimsuits. If you want to go hiking, you should take special equipment, long pants and at least sneakers.


About Hotels

Travelling with a big family, you should pay attention to family friendly beaches and resorts.

  1. Half Moon A RockResort

All family tourists are recommended to stay at Half Moon. They have every day full of interesting attractions while their parents are sitting and watching them. You can find a lot of kids’ clubs to involve them in fun and learning activities. The Hype Zone is especially attractive for teens. For adults you are offered to visit SPA and hot nights in karaoke. Such interesting attractions like Dolphin Lagoon, Tennis courts are waiting for your family.

  1. Holiday Inn Resort

This vacation space is enough for your kids. This is the best place to leave kids and go out in business or just take some rest separately. The kids club works from 9 a.m. till the late evening. So, your children are involved in games, painting, physical activities. The beach side location has the best opportunities for kids’ water sports. There is one more thing that is mostly important: the younger members of the family can live, eat, play for free.

Tanjong Leman

  1. Round Hill Hotel and Villas

This hotel-villa is located on a private territory. It is safe and full of kiddy places. There is Pineapple Kids Club for the youngest visitors and learning clubs for 7 up members. They learn, play games, do sport and crafts. The personnel are experienced teachers.

  1. Jewel Runaway Bay Resort

Jewel Runaway welcomes families with its stylish rooms, comfortable location, funny activities, trained nannies. There are interesting courses for young and adults such as cooking class, boat riding, beach fires, laser games. There is a water park for children, teens and parents.


  1. Yellow Bird Kid’s Club

This all-inclusive family resort boasts the vast number of interesting activities for kids. The kids’ center works from the early morning till late night. The program is exciting to train kids in arts and crafts, computer games, water sports. The experts do care of your kids and help them to stay excited while the parents are busy.

You can find a big hotel chains and all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. You just need to think different and follow the popular tourist trails. Nevertheless, having Jamaica cart trip, it is enough to find a quiet place and empty beach to stay with your family. Beaches here are safe and plenty of fun for kids. The waterfalls are like a natural playground. The animals you can find are a real wild zoo. Traveling Jamaica with kids is not only fun, but also easy and enjoyable. If you want to have more time for yourself and exciting journey for kids, find the best family resort and enjoy it.

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