Where to Travel from Frankfurt? 5 Ideas for Your Day Out

Where to Travel from Frankfurt? 5 Ideas for Your Day Out

Frankfurt is the administrative center of Hesse state in the west of Germany, and the country’s large financial, cultural and tourist metropolis. Frankfurt is famous for its business district, which is considered to be a kind of Manhattan in Europe.

Despite its strict financial orientation, Frankfurt abounds not only with steel skyscrapers, but also with extensive park areas. Locals and travelers like to spend time in the parks of Rothschild or Bethmann, as well as visit the giant Palmengarten botanical garden.

However, the suburbs of Frankfurt presented by picturesque small towns with their own amazing sights are also worthy visiting. Most of them are easily accessible in terms of distance, and therefore you can check them out in just one day. Certainly, many cities around Frankfurt deserve to stay in them longer, even for a few days. Here are some of them…


Distance from Frankfurt: 40km

Wiesbaden is the state capital of Hesse. It’s known for its rich cultural heritage, as well as thermal springs, which makes the city an attractive water resort. Along with Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden is considered to be the oldest German thermal resort.

Wiesbaden Kurpark und Kurhaus

Also, visitors to Wiesbaden are delighted with the palace area of ​​the city, where several architectural monuments are situated. First of all, it’s Stadtschloss Wiesbaden, the buildings of the Old and New Town Hall, the Neo-Gothic Evangelical Church. In addition to the palace square, you can see with your own eyes amazing Bibrich and Luisenplatz squares. The first one is decorated in a baroque style, but the second square is a beautiful example of neoclassicism. The local Kurhaus, where the famous casino is located, should be also visited.

Trains from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden depart every 5-10 minutes. You can also get there by car – the cities are connected by A66 highway. Car rental in Frankfurt is available at many rental locations throughout the city, as well as at the international airport.


Distance from Frankfurt: 90km

Heidelberg is a small, but extremely interesting destination, which is located in the north of Baden-Württemberg. The old part of Heidelberg is almost fully included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites: the medieval castle, the old bridge, the ancient gate and the university were miraculously preserved after the bombing of the Second World War. Now this area is completely pedestrian. The surroundings Heidelberg are no less impressive. The fact is that Heidelberg is located in the valley of the Neckar River, surrounded by small mountains and picturesque forests. Particularly, it is here the famous Philosophers Walk is situated. You can climb up without any problems by using the funicular. The top of the hill overlooks Heidelberg providing the best city panorama.

Schloss Heidelberg

From Frankfurt’s railway station, direct trains to Heidelberg depart at regular intervals once an hour throughout the day. However, if you like car journeys then use a rental car to reach Heidelberg.


Distance from Frankfurt: 140km

Karlsruhe is a typical southern town in Germany. The city features a curious radial street system, which is represented by the perpendicular rays of 32 streets that branch off from the city center. Thus, no matter how far into the heart of the city you go, you will always return to the central square adorned by magnificent baroque palace. This is the locals’ favorite place, where you can walk around the park and admire the palace, sculptures and amazing landscape ideas. After wandering around the city, you will understand that the central palace of Karlsruhe is not the only worthy architectural object, and there are many other beautiful buildings, churches and monuments.


By the way, you can get to Karlsruhe from Frankfurt in various ways – by direct train, bus, taxi or rental car.


Distance from Frankfurt: 120km

Würzburg is considered to be a Franconian pearl with its many sights and cultural sites. Territorially located in Bavaria, Würzburg is easily accessible from Frankfurt. There’s a direct rail service and a highway between the cities.


Würzburg attract tourists with well-preserved medieval architectural monuments, whether it’s Würzburg Residence or the Marienberg Fortress, St. Killian’s Cathedral or Hofkirche Church. In addition, this destination is famous for its wines. It’s not for nothing that a wine fair is held there annually, which has gained fame and recognition throughout the world.

Würzburg is an excellent alternative for a day trip in the vicinity of Frankfurt. It’s possible to get to it by the high-speed ICE train – the travel time is just over an hour. You can also reach Würzburg by car. Car rental in Frankfurt is available in many rental locations, which can be found almost in all areas of the city.


Distance from Frankfurt: 190km

Cologne is located on the territory of the neighboring land of North Rhine-Westphalia and is famous throughout the world for its huge Gothic cathedral. The medieval cathedral of Cologne is stably included into the list of top ten must-see sights of Europe. What’s more, Cologne Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, tourists can see the cathedral not only from the outside, but also to get inside, and climb to its observation deck.


Direct high-speed trains run from Frankfurt to Cologne, and despite the distance of almost 200 km, you can get to the city just in 1 hour. Thus, it’s quite possible to visit Cologne from Frankfurt with a one-day trip without staying overnight there.

As you see, these wonderful German cities can be perfect destinations to travel from Frankfurt. Each of them features something unique and interesting, thus creating a nice way to spend an unforgettable day out in the suburbs of Frankfurt.

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