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5 Tips to Add Privacy in Your Backyard

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of a home. What is a home for if it does not offer you privacy?

It should be mentioned here that privacy should not be constrained only to the bedroom, you should feel that way in every corner of the house, including your backyard, which is often the most ‘open’ area of a house.

If your house is like most houses, your backyard must be open to the eyes of your neighbors and even passerbys. This does nothing but brings you uninvited attention, which nobody appreciates.

However, there is no need to worry because adding privacy to your backyard is quite easy. Not only that, a little bit of privacy might also boost your house’s value should you decide to sell. Most buyers looking for homes would prefer a crib that offers them privacy.  You just have to be creative and come up with unique landscaping ideas to introduce privacy in your backyard.

Let’s have a look at some tips on how this can be achieved:

1. Use Plants to Introduce a Layer of Privacy

Line your plants properly to get privacy in your backyard. This is not just an easy way to do so, but it’s also hassle free because such plants are typically not governed by municipal ordinances, and hence have no limitations on the height. However, there might be some rules in some areas so make sure to inquire first.

Some good choices are arborvitae, sheared privet hedge and Italian cypress. These are good even for areas where there is limited space, such as corners. These plants can be used to block sightlines and also separate adjoining yards.

You may hire professionals to do the job or plant your own trees about a foot or two apart from each other, depending on the tree you picked.

2. Install Fences

Fences are important not only for privacy but also to prevent animals from entering your garden.

A good option is a board fence, which is not just very affordable but also very quick to install. Moreover, they can be installed almost everywhere due to them having very tiny footprints; as a result they can fix in small spaces as well.

Fences are available in different designs and materials. You can pick one that adds class to your house.

3. Build Walls

This is the most obvious solution. You can build walls around your backyard to get some privacy. The walls should be tall enough to prevent anyone from being able to peek inside.

Walls are preferred by many people due to them being aesthetically pleasing. You have a variety of options to choose from, including masonry walls, brick walls and stone walls.

4. Add Panels

Panels can be used to cover defined areas such as patios and eating spaces. They might not, however, be the right solution to protect entire yards.

5. Install a Fountain

A fountain can provide you with privacy in regards to ‘noise’. With a fountain running, nobody outside of your private space would be able to listen to your conversation. But, it can cost you about $2,500.

These five tips can provide you with the privacy that you need. While some of the options are quite affordable, some can be very expensive. Nonetheless, consider it an investment as homes with fountains and added privacy typically sell quicker than homes that offer no privacy. You will either have more privacy for yourself or more money if you decide to sell.

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