Things You Should Know About Sailing In Croatia

Things You Should Know About Sailing In Croatia


Sailing along the coast of Croatia is an exhilarating experience that offers an abundance of breathtaking sights and sounds. However, before you embark on your maiden Croatian voyage, there are a few things you need to know about sailing in Croatia. Here is a basic guide for you in case you are planning your first adventure on the Adriatic Sea.

1. Anchoring Fees


The marinas of Croatia are well-equipped with modern facilities and offer restaurants, bars, laundry facilities, shops, showers etc. The old school public marinas are slightly more affordable than the ones that are privately owned. While the anchoring fees will vary based on the marina in question and the size of the boat, you will have to pay between £60-80 for one night for a 10-12m boat. The prices may also go up during the peak sailing season.

2. The Winds


The wind can change its direction quite erratically along the Croatian coast, so it is best to refer the weather forecast for the day before unfurling the sails. The most dominant winds during the summer are the Maestral (SE-NW) and the Tramontana (N-NW) while the winters are dominated by Bura (NNE-ENE) and Jugo (ESE-SSE). The Ostro, Lebic, and Pulenat also blow over the region on rare occasions.

3. Communication Channels


While you are at sea, you must stay abreast with the latest weather and wind updates. The best way to ensure this is to stay tuned to the channel CH.16 on your radio set. This channel will provide you with all the notifications and information that you will need regarding the weather and your safety at sea. There are also specific channels, such as Radio Split, Radio Rijeka, and Radio Dubrovnik, that broadcast weather information pertaining to specific parts of the coast at regular intervals throughout the day.

4. Prices in Croatia


There are a lot of expenses that you will encounter while sailing apart from the anchoring fees. These will include expenditure on food, drinks, and daily supplies. For a meal for 4 at a regular restaurant, you will have to spend approximately 35 Euros. The prices will also fluctuate based on the location of the restaurant and the ambiance it provides. The local brands at the supermarkets in Croatia usually have competitive prices when compared to the rest of Europe whereas the imported brands may be slightly more expensive. Healthcare services are also priced similar to the rest of Europe. If you are going to make international calls, it is best to purchase a calling card at a local kiosk to avoid a massive phone bill.

5. When To Go

The sailing season in Croatia lasts from May to September but the best time to visit is during July and August because the average temperature is around 26-27 degrees Celsius during this period. While you may have to encounter throngs of tourists during these months, the weather is absolutely glorious for sailing and the landscape is at its most spectacular. Also, some shops and restaurants may shut down towards the end of the season so it is best to go during the peak season.

With these handy tips by your side, your first Adriatic experience will definitely be a marvelous one. Get your boat and be prepared to witness the bluest skies, the sparkliest water, and the most enchanting views at Croatia!

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