How To Wear Dress Shirt In Summer – Tips For Men

How To Wear Dress Shirt In Summer - Tips For Men

As the sun shines brighter, it is challenging to keep cool and dress well at the same time. Whether you are at a party, out with family or at the office, having a summer dress shirt is a must.

When it comes to men’s clothes, it assumed that they lack variety as compared to women’s clothing. Women have a wide range of options like from silky shirts to tops and floral blouses. Well, if you are looking for the best dress shirts for men, there’s nothing to worry about.

Long gone are the days when men didn’t have a large range of options to choose from. Here you shall discover the types of dress shirts that could be worn in summers.


Below are a few things to look at when identifying a quality dress shirt.

Long Sleeves and stiff cuffs to hold their shape.

Color: The conventional shirts were white but now you can find dress shirts in a variety of colors.

A Stiff Collar: Dress shirts usually have a very stiff collar that is responsible for holding the shape better.

Material: Dress shirts are well known for their quality and fitting. They are made using the best materials and are expensive than a regular t-shirt.


A dress shirt is not just for the boardroom. In fact, it can be commonly spotted at various formal and non-formal occasions worn by men from all walks of life, irrespective of the season. Check out some helpful tips below on how you can make the most out of the dress shirts you own.

Sleeves: Long sleeves along with a tie give a formal look. You can roll the cuffs for a more casual look if the weather gets warmer.

Buttons: Button the shirt all the way up if you are looking for a crisp look. Buttoned dress shirts look good even without a tie.

Tucked In/Out: Keep the shirt tucked in a formal setting especially if you have to wear a blazer. But in casual situations, you can simply untuck it. It is important if you make the choice before you leave the house because if you do decide to untuck the shirt while you are out then it will be all crumpled and creased. On the other hand, if you get to the office and suddenly decide to tuck it in the shirt won’t exactly sit right without the help of a mirror. It is best to choose your preferred look beforehand and stick to it diligently.

Basic tips for wearing a dress shirt in summers:

  • It is not always about the material but the weaves too. Always choose a loose fit weave dress shirt in lighter colors that will keep you cool if you are wearing a fitted one.
  • Stick to lighter colors like cream, beige, and light blue. If it is sunny, you don’t want to wear dark colors to absorb the heat.
  • An untucked shirt is considered acceptable for smart or casual situations. A tucked-in dress shirt is totally acceptable for office wear. You can wear dress shirts the way you prefer.
  • When you are unbuttoning the shirt, don’t go overboard. One open button is totally fine for a formal look. Two or three can be okay with a casual o

Now after the given guidance, the thought of wearing a dress shirt shouldn’t be scary. You can easily wear one for any occasion at any time of the year with confidence.

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