7 Wardrobe Essentials That Will Breathe Life Into Your Spring Closet

7 Wardrobe Essentials That Will Breathe Life Into Your Spring Closet

When was the last time you took a good look at all the clothes and accessories in your closet? Well, spring is almost here, and this is the best time for a spring wardrobe makeover. Remember, it’s never too late to refresh your wardrobe and make sure it is ready for the season.

From your everyday clothing to foolproof footwear, and statement jewelry, be prepared to breathe new life into your old basics for this spring. Some of the items we shall discuss here remain popular throughout the year while others are season specific. As you skim through your closet, get rid of the things you no longer wear.

Scroll through and learn about the seven most popular spring trends to upgrade your wardrobe right now!

1.  Checked Blazer

Pull an entire spring outfit together in style with a tailored, checked blazer this year. This spring, checked is the ‘cool girl’ jacket. The style is classy, and it’s incredible how it works with different outfits. The blazer gives out a sharp yet lightweight look, and you can literally pair it up with everything from a girly midi dress to denim shorts.

Add some heels and frills, and this versatile piece will turn into a perfect formal outfit for a working woman. Throw it over a mini skirt and a solid logo tee, and you are super ready for a casual stroll around the city.

When it’s time to make things more romantic, grab a diva dress, a pair of statement heels, pair it up with a cute checked blazer over your shoulder.

Less is always more with a checked blazer!

2.  Belted Trouser

Belted trousers are extraordinarily feminine and can instantly give you an edge if you pair it up with the right top and footwear this season. Undoubtedly, they look the best with a crop top and studded shoes as enjoy your warm summer days looking funky and chic. But that’s not the only option.

High-waisted belted trousers also look great paired up with a bright tank top and a breezy kimono. Whether you wear flat pumps or towering heels, your outfit gives out a very comfy and casual look this way.

A tucked-in buttoned down top with a statement necklace and boots is also a great way to rock these fantastic pants that you must add to your closet this season.

Try out this versatile clothing piece in different colors and patterns.

3.  Metal Handle Bag

You just cannot ignore how classy metal handle bags look. Available in different shapes, sizes, and styles, you have tons of variety to explore.

Pick one for your spring wardrobe and rock any look holding this statement piece. The metal handle gives out a luxurious feel to this bag, which can instantly upgrade your overall outfit. It is indeed one of the most refreshing bag silhouettes you can own this spring.

You definitely want to invest in an accessory that you just couldn’t ignore but notice all over fashion week this season!

4.  Chunky Sneakers

Comfort over style – any day, right! Imagine how relaxed you’d be if your comfort is super stylish too?

The trendy footwear that’s a must-have for your spring closet this year is a pair of chunky sneakers. As Oprah would put it, it’s such a cool ‘fash-on’!

Available in a variety of styles and colors, even the top brands couldn’t help but feature them in their fashion trends this year. So pick a one that you can work out with many outfits.

5.  Statement Earrings

The hoop earrings are back!

If you have always loved flaunting those bold and big earrings, now is a perfect time.

‘Go big or go home’ is the fashion statement for earrings this season. Grab the loudest colors, funkiest designs, and largest sizes to rock. That’s right ladies. This is the time to make some exciting investments you have been holding up for a while.

Hoops are particularly on top of the list as they look stylish with any outfit. This season, be bold with your jewelry choices to make a unique statement.

6.  Oversized Hoodie

Ever borrowed a boy’s hoodie before? The oversized feeling of a man’s hoodie takes comfort to the next level. This season, you can have your own oversized hoodie to rock.

No more worrying about the perfect measurements. Pick a light material to make it spring-friendly and get an oversized hoodie to add both volume and length to your style. Hoodies are naturally a very stylish element that every young woman should have in her wardrobe.

To make it more worthwhile, get one in the color of the season – navy green – and hit two targets with a single bow.

7.  Midi Floral Dress

A floral pattern in a flowing midi dress never gets old!

Rock this fantastic, traditional spring style this season. If you already own a few old ones, pull them out. It’s time to flaunt them again. Just add more life by pairing it up with vibrant statement jewelry – especially rings and midi-rings – and patterned shoes. You do not really have to mix and match. Let your style speak louder than words.

If you don’t have a floral dress, head to your favorite online clothing boutique, browse and shop floral prints to make this spring stylish and funky!

Wrap-Up Thoughts

Don’t miss out on the individuality element just because it’s a trend. Take inspiration but do not compromise on your comfort. These top wardrobe essentials are a great idea to get started. So what are you waiting for? Do your research, and grab your favorite pieces.

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